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Bitcoin Bull Run Gains 15% in a Week, InQubeta Presale Passes $6.3 Million

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The crypto market is moving upward, extending gains. The total crypto market cap currently exceeds $1.5 trillion amid expanding Bitcoin (BTC) prices.

Notably, the world’s most valuable crypto asset is on a tear, adding over 15% in the past week of trading. Analysts pin the current spike in valuation to the potential approval of a Bitcoin spot ETF in the United States and growing institutional adoption.

Thus far, in early December, InQubeta (QUBE) has raised over $6.3 million in the multi-stage presale that has seen over 608 million QUBE sold to thousands of investors across the globe. Reading how QUBE is performing, and the millions raised in this crowdfunding round, it appears that investors are aware of AI and crypto potential and are positioning themselves accordingly.

This article explores how shifting sentiment and increasing crypto adoption could drive Bitcoin and emerging altcoins like InQubeta to new levels in the sessions ahead.

Bitcoin Upswing: A Symphony of Factors?

Bitcoin is currently surging. Not only has the coin swung above $44,000, but it appears that optimistic traders are targeting 2021 peaks. This renewed optimism surrounding Bitcoin is due to multiple factors that might drive the world’s most valuable coin to record highs.

The broader crypto community is looking at the imminent approval of the first batch of spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in the United States. This ruling lies squarely with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If authorized, observers said it would be a game changer since it would provide a regulated and accessible way for heavyweights and institutions to invest in Bitcoin. As such, this might see billions, if not trillion, of institutional capital flow into Bitcoin and spill over to crypto.

Besides the expected Bitcoin halving that will reduce BTC emissions, analysts also cite the increasing adoption of Bitcoin by major public companies like Tesla and MicroStrategy. MicroStrategy, for instance, is one of the world’s largest BTC holders. This increasing adoption and awareness of the network’s potential would likely propel the coin higher in the sessions ahead.

The question remains: will the spike in Bitcoin prices impact other altcoins such as InQubeta?

InQubeta In Focus, Will It Rally?

InQubeta is riding the wave of institutional interest in crypto, looking at the performance of its presale.

At its core, the platform aims to create a platform through which vetted crypto AI startups can quickly raise capital from crypto investors.

To ensure this is possible, InQubeta taps into the decentralization and security of the first smart contract platform, Ethereum. On this network, InQubeta has released QUBE, their native utility and governance token.

In the ongoing presale, InQubeta has raised over $6.3 million, selling over 608 million QUBE tokens to investors. The ERC-20 token can be bought using, among others, Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), and USDT.

Investors seem to be doubling down on the platform’s model. QUBE is deflationary and can be staked for rewards. It is also used for governance, meaning holders will participate in shaping how the project evolves.

Additionally, since all vetted crypto AI startups will issue their opportunities as NFTs, all transactions will be in QUBE. QUBE serves as a utility token and a medium of exchange in the internal InQubeta NFT marketplace.

At the end of the presale, QUBE will be listed on mainstream exchanges, enhancing liquidity and making the token available to more users. Analysts predict even more significant gains once this occurs. 


The crypto market is recovering and edging higher. With rising institutional adoption, the surge of Bitcoin prices will also likely lift emerging altcoins to fresh valuations. The InQubeta presale has already raised over $6.3 million ahead of the platform launch and QUBE listing. As the markets expand, QUBE is likely to benefit from capital flowing into crypto.

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