Agora: A New Era for GameFi

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Announcing a new era for GameFi and the launch of the Agora project, a GameFi hub, created in partnership with Ultra, a powerful GameFi-focused blockchain, and SwissBorg, a Swiss-based crypto wealth app, with more than 650,000 users and growing.

Agora is powered by the Ultra Blockchain, a top-tier gaming platform partnered with AMD, Ubisoft, and The Sandbox, among many others.

Agora will bridge the gap between DeFi investors and GameFi, and make blockchain gaming a part of everyday life for all gamers and investors.

GameFi traction

The growth of blockchain gaming has been exponential over the last few years, with the number of unique wallets interacting with blockchain games rising from 28,000 in 2020 to 1.3 million in 2021.

The size of the traditional gaming industry was at $200 billion in 2021 and the potential for traditional gaming to leverage blockchain technology is huge, whether by using in-game currencies for rewarding gamers or by utilizing NFTs, which enables gamers to have verified ownership of gaming assets.

This rapid growth has led to GameFi investment becoming a siloed activity for a small group of experts.


Agora aims to be the all-in-one platform for GameFi, building a bridge between the most promising GameFi projects and investors. Agora is developed in partnership with Ultra and SwissBorg, who are both founding partners of the project.

Ultra partnership

Agora selected Ultra’s blockchain for its cutting-edge technologies, including its powerful Uniq NFT Standard and the world’s first public blockchain capable of executing transactions virtually instantly, free of charge, and without any onboarding fees.

Ultra has built a highly scalable, feeless, and carbon-neutral blockchain. The Ultra platform houses a number of apps, including a blockchain-powered games store, an NFT Marketplace that allows players to buy and trade game-related items and collectibles, and a non-custodial wallet that gives players the opportunity to buy and keep their UOS directly on the platform. 

Ultra has already brought more than 150 game developers on board their platform and they have developed close partnerships with top gaming companies.

Agora will benefit from having access to all of the game projects that go through the Ultra ecosystem, as well as introductions to Ultra’s big selection of partners. Together, we hope to facilitate the transition to GameFi for traditional games.

As Agora will leverage Ultra’s technology to build its products, Agora will also benefit from access to Ultra’s dedicated technology team.

“Agora aims to become the GameFi golden standard, opening various new and exciting possibilities in the space. Through Ultra’s frictionless, mainstream ready blockchain technology, Ultra and SwissBorg will enable Agora’s team to trailblaze the space by delivering players more value to their gaming experience”. (David Hanson, Co-CEO at Ultra)

“We decided to go for the Ultra blockchain to build Agora, as we were impressed by the cutting edge tech stack that they provide for gaming-focused projects and it made sense to build on top of an advanced Gamefi ecosystem and community.” (Pierre de Viry, CEO at Agora)

SwissBorg partnership

SwissBorg has developed a crypto wealth management app with more than 650,000 users. The Swiss-based company aims to democratize wealth management for everyone.

Agora is fully supported by SwissBorg, which is providing access to its community, gaming guild, and venture capital team, SwissBorg Ventures. 

Agora was born as a spin-off of SwissBorg, but as the scope of its roadmap expanded, the team realized that Agora required a company of its own.

When the full potential of Agora to drive the GameFi sector to new levels was realized, SwissBorg decided that it made more sense to invest and support the project and enabled the team to have full autonomy to drive Agora forward.

Once this was decided, SwissBorg decided to collaborate with Ultra on a joint venture to join forces and utilize Ultra’s carbon neutral and robust blockchain.

Agora has been working closely with the SwissBorg gaming guild, Xborg, and its founder Louis Regis, who is an advisor to Agora and has helped provide insight into the current problems in the Gamefi space.

Xborg will be a close partner and customer of Agora, as they will be able to leverage the Xborg DEX, Gamefi index, and NFT lending services to accelerate their own initiatives and community.

The partnership enables SwissBorg and Xborg to expand their GameFi community further, via community sharing and cross-partnership community initiatives, as well as creating wider exposure for SwissBorg’s native CHSB token via the Agora DEX.

“For crypto mass adoption to happen, we need to move from a speculative space to a utility space, gaming will enable this transition to happen. We are proud to be part of Agora, a next-generation GameFi hub based on UOS technology”. (Anthony Lesoismier-Geniaux, Co-Founder at SwissBorg)

The Agora ecosystem

The Agora was the center of daily life in ancient Greece. Agora will be the epicenter of daily life for Gamefi!

The Agora team identified that with the rapid growth of GameFi, it has become a difficult sector for both gamers and investors to understand.

The potential for the use of NFTs for gaming assets and in-game-currencies for creating new economies is powerful, but NFT gaming assets are currently illiquid, inaccessible, and not producing the yield they are capable of for investors. Blockchain gamers also lose a lot of yield due to fees on certain chains.

Agora has accepted the challenge to solve these problems by providing a Gamefi hub that includes:

The Agora dex

Agora will develop the first DEX built on the Ultra blockchain, with a focus on efficient, low slippage trading of Gamefi-focused tokens and higher rewards for liquidity providers.

The Agora DEX aims to avoid the unsustainable APY wars of other DEX ecosystems that compete to acquire TVL from Ethereum, by focusing on bringing more liquidity from the mass market and more specifically from the traditional gaming industry.

This equates to $300 billion in revenues and a market of 3 billion gamers.

Digital identity

Agora will introduce a cross-chain, gamified wallet experience, which will enable gamers and investors to access the whole Gamefi ecosystem with one unique identity.

Gamefi participants will be able to avoid high fees and participate in investing and gaming, with a seamless and unified experience. GameFi activity can be tracked and managed in one place and users will be able to reach new levels and earn NFTs, based on their GameFi activity.

Gamefi Index

Agora will open up Gamefi investing to the mass market, with fully automated, capitalization-weighted Gamefi indexes. Tokens will be eligible based on specific criteria related to liquidity, total market supply, and their relevance to Gamefi. Criteria will be decided on and maintained by the Agora DAO.

This will give investors opportunities to invest in a disruptive asset class, without having to do the research themselves on a complex and growing ecosystem of gaming tokens.

NFT lending

Agora will provide NFT gaming asset investors and guilds with the ability to efficiently maximize the yield on their NFTs, with trustless, non-collateralized lending functionality.

This will help to create new economies, by enabling more gamers to get access to play-to-earn games and accelerating the growth of the Agora gaming community, as well as the gaming communities of Agora partners.


Agora will enable the best GameFi projects to have access to funding from the Agora, Ultra, and SwissBorg investment communities.

Access to launchpad allocation will be based on the amount of AGA tokens users have staked. There will be allocation boosts for stake duration and Agora DEX liquidity providers 

Agora is thinking big for the future of GameFi! Together with the support of SwissBorg and the powerful technology of Ultra, we will become the Agora of everything blockchain gaming!

Join the community here:

Agora: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | LinkedIn

SwissBorg: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | YouTube

Ultra: Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Discord | Telegram


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