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Trending Meme Coin Presale Thug Life Raises Over $1.5m

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Thug Life, one of the most promising new meme coins, is nearing its presale’s end. So far, it has raised over whopping $1.5 million, despite launching just over two weeks ago.

The presale has caused a massive stir in the community, with expert analysts, meme coin degens and media outlets all celebrating this fun yet innovative new project.

Thug Life pays homage to the timeless “Thug Life” movement popularised by hip-hop artists such as Snoop Dogg in the ’80s. Its website also features new viral social media characters such as Hasbulla, the Dogecoin dog and Pepe the Frog.

According to its website, the self-proclaimed “ballers meme coin” will help degen traders “turn screw-ups into profits”.

Analysts Predict Big $THUG Returns

Thug Life is far from a run-of-the-mill meme coin – its popularity, team, ethos, and tokenomics set it apart. As such, some YouTubers are excited about $THUG.

Prominent YouTuber Michael Wrubel, boasting 300K subscribers, has covered the project recently in a video recently.

A Community-Driven Project With Fair Tokenomics, Airdrops & Locked Liquidity

Thug Life builds on the shortfalls of other meme coins by using sustainable tokenomics and community rewards.

Why is it that many meme coin projects ultimately fail? The reason is tokenomics. Tiered pricing, unlocked liquidity and excessive dumping by the founders often lead to unsustainable growth.

Yet Thug Life solves these issues. The entire presale is priced at $0.007, so all presale investors have equal oportunities, enhancing the the project’s community strength.

The team has also committed to a 3-month liquidity lock following its DEX launch. This is rare for a meme coin, displaying the project’s long-term potential and removing the possibility of a rug pull.

Meanwhile, 70% of the tokens are allocated to the presale and 15% to airdrops. With such a vast amount of $THUG in the hands of the community, it is easy to see why Thug Life is proving so popular.

Is Thug Life the big meme coin?

As mentioned, the Thug Life presale is priced at $0.007 throughout its entirety. But the exciting thing is that the project has a total supply of just 4,200,000,000. This makes the market cap at launch a modest $2,940,000.

A Project That’s Set to Thrive

Thug Life has quickly amassed over 4K Twitter followers. However, this is expected since the community loves its “meme game”, with tweets often gaining over 500 likes.

The Thug Life Telegram is also buzzing with 2.5K members.

Thug Life’s connections run far and deep in the industry for exchange listings, media coverage and influencers. $THUG can be purchased from its website for $0.0007 using ETH or USDT.

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