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Top 5 People Making Waves in Crypto Market This Week – March 4—10

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In Brief

  • NFT celebrities feature prominently this week.
  • Kings of Leon drop World's first NFT album.
  • Grimes, Logan Paul, and Soulja Boy all make bank on NFT projects.
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The bull market continues to push mainstream adoption within the cryptocurrency space. NFTs and DeFi are taking over the industry in 2021. This week, BIC looks at the top five people influencing the current market.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have absolutely exploded in recent weeks. It comes as no surprise that this week’s influencers feature because of their association to NFTs. This week sees celebrities, in particular musicians predominantly dominating the chart. 

Logan Paul 

Logan Paul has been a well known and popular internet celebrity for years. However it is only recently that the star made his foray into the cryptocurrency space.

The 25 year old has been an active YouTube star for several years, gaining popularity and fame through his videos. Paul has ventured into many different industries, including professional boxing, sports betting, running his own clothing brand, and his latest venture, Pokemon cards. 

While Paul has a knack for making money wherever he goes, he recently dove into the world of NFTs. Having partnered with NFT wallet Provider Bondly, Paul sold $3 million worth of his own NFTs for a Pokemon competition. The competition offered users the chance to win a first Edition Pokemon Pack valued at $40,000.

The event was such a huge success that Paul has decided to do another NFT sale. This time, the entrepreneur decided to sell a self imposed Pokemon card-like NFT. Paul offered up several variants of his own NFT for sale on the Bondly platform. 

The entire collection sold out, including the Holographic edition, which was priced at $38,500. 

Paul also revealed this week, that he had purchased a $170,000 NFT. The NFT in question is a popular crypto punk. A very popular collectible in the NFT space at the moment. 

The internet celebrity is pushing mass adoption towards the NFT space and creating huge awareness around the use of blockchain technology. 

Kings of Leon

While most definitely not known for their cryptocurrency experience background, popular American rock band Kings of Leon also feature this week for their move into the NFT space.

Kings of Leon are looking to become the first band to release an album as an NFT. The popularity of NFTs can not be underestimated as one of the largest and well known rock bands decided to release an NFT album. 

The idea behind the NFT drop will see three different NFTs, each having their own benefits. One will include a special album package, another will feature live show perks such as front row seats for life, and the third type will offer audiovisual art, according to Rolling Stone

Kings of Leon will be releasing their album this month, with normal music outlets such as iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify selling the album. Fans will be able to purchase the physical album if they choose to do so. But they will also be able to purchase the special NFT editions too. 

While the bold new idea of launching an NFT album could be a daunting task. The group have decided to break new ground as being the first. The sale of NFTs raised over $2 million. Something the group can be proud of. 

It represents a step in the right direction for artists who want to provide value to their fans across the world. 

Soulja Boy

From Pokemon Youtube star, to rock band, to rapper. American rapper Soulj Boy joins the list this week. Perhaps not the most popular rapper of all time, the well known singer made his entry into crypto a lot sooner than most on this list. The rapper has been an advocate for cryptocurrencies for several months now and is active on Twitter.

Soulja Boy has been buying cryptocurrencies since mid-January. The rapper has since joined the NFT craze by selling off several of his own tweets as NFTs. Soulja Boy managed to sell five NFT tweets in three hours recently, making him the first and most successful rapper to sell NFTs.  

However Soulja Boy appears to not only be excited about NFTs. The rapper truly believes in the power of cryptocurrencies, as well as video games, according to a recent tweet where he called cryptocurrencies and video games “the future.” 

Soulja Boy continues to entertain, learn, and grow within the crypto space. His growth and learning curve into the rabbit hole that is the crypto industry has been enjoyable to watch. We would expect that he will be around for a while. We might even get the first rap album NFT from Soulja Boy at this rate. 


On the topic of music artists, Grimes makes this week’s list as the third artist to feature. Grimes is a well known Canadian musician and visual artist. Grimes is also the partner of popular dogecoin (DOGE) advocate Elon Musk. The artist has finally joined her pro-crypto partner by selling her own NFTs. 

Grimes joined the NFT train recently as she sold $6 million worth of digital artworks. The artist put 10 pieces of artwork up for auction on Nifty Gateway.

The artwork sold out in nearly 20 minutes, netting the artist a handsome profit for her artwork. The best selling piece titled “Death of the Old” sold for $389,000, according to the Verge. 

The successful sale by Grimes further proves the fanfare that NFTs are creating across the globe. BIC has previously documented the rise of NFTs and where the industry is going. 

The artist’s impressive foray into the NFT space rewards her as one of the top crypto influencers this week. 


Rounding off the list this week is popular trader and technical analyst Crypto Newton. Otherwise known as Shelby, the trader features prominently on Twitter.

Shelby shares valuable insight into trading technical analysis and price action. Through his insightful explanations into different coins in the market, the trader has managed to carve out a name for themselves. 

Shelby offers valuable information in the markets, and is worth a follow for any trader looking to see what coins are looking hot. Shelby boasts over 100,000 Twitter followers. Proof that the trader knows what he is talking about. 

The list this week saw the majority of top crypto influencers all involved in the NFT space. The NFT industry is blowing up at a rapid rate.

While digital artist Beeple is less than a day away from setting the record for the most expensive NFT in history, his piece “EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS” is being auctioned off at Christie’s auction house. The piece is currently listed at $13.25 million. 


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