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The World Needs a STAGE: Discover Music 3.0

4 mins
19 May 2022, 15:32 GMT+0000
Updated by Shilpa Lama
20 May 2022, 07:19 GMT+0000

STAGE is on a mission to revolutionize the music industry with its Music 3.0 platform. The main emphasis will be on artists and the vision of cutting out intermediaries.

STAGE, the name speaks for itself. Every artist needs a stage to represent their craft. Whether it might be music, dance, or any other form of artwork, it is necessary to provide an equal floor where talent speaks for itself.

The present music industry portrays a very different picture. The music industry seems to be adulterated with go-betweens who put front megastars, hurting the talent economy. Organically growing in this environment poses a significant threat to budding talents.

Did you know that the three biggest music labels produce 2/3 of all the music consumed in the US? Most mid-level artists have a job on the side to live as their music careers don’t provide enough to sustain their livelihood.

In a realm where music labels decide the next star, STAGE is on a mission to change it. It wants to assist artists in making a living off of their talent, identifying the next megastars, and sharing their success with the fans.

STAGE in a nutshell

Unlike the more typical music apps, STAGE pumped it up to bring an all-in-one platform for the artists and the fans. The concept of STAGE is mainly a conglomeration between The Voice and Tiktok with NFT rewards and tools to share the artist’s success.

STAGE sets itself different from other platforms as they vest their focus mainly on the community. The platform is designed in such a way that both the artists and fans win.

The team also features tech and music industry experts, including a senior executive from a major crypto exchange. Not only that, but also an AI specialist, a world-class product lead, and advisers who have sold their labels and produced well-known artists.

The identity of the team will be disclosed during the IDO.

Healthy competition for the artists

STAGE will provide an equal platform for artists from the same genre to compete and be recognized. In the world of music, where fair competition seems quite rare, STAGE wants to beat the odds.

Artists will be able to compete, and the Genz ranging from 15-25 years of age can cast their vote for their favorite artists. This will help the artists be recognized for their talent. So what makes these competitions stand out? Here are some of the key decrees of the competition:

  • Competition range from hundreds with artists from different genres.
  • The winning artists from each competition will amass 2% of all voted tokens.
  • There will be a cap on the number of allocated tokens for each competition.
  • Voting will be entirely done with the $STAGE token.

A visual experience for the fans

The fans will have an immersive video experience where the artists perform, and users can vote for their favorite one.

The voting process can be done using the $STAGE token, whereas users unfamiliar with crypto can use the virtual tokens to cast a vote. Each virtual token will be pegged 1:1 to $STAGE token.

What sets the voting mechanism apart is the Rare STAGE Card (NFT). Wondering what is that? So, when every voting contest ends, the votes are thematically minted as an NFT (Rare STAGE Card).

The thing that sets these NFTs party is their rarity as the value of the NFT rise with the popularity and fame of the artist. The cards vary from diamond, platinum, and gold as these cards can also provide additional utility, like:

  • Lifetime backstage access, 10 min video calls per year, and 2 VIP concert tickets once a year.

$STAGE token

$STAGE is the utility token that fuels the entire seamless experience in the app. The token has several utilities that include casting votes with the token during competitions.

The winning artist will mint a small number of tokens during competitions. The $STAGE tokens will also be utilized to mint NFTs.

  • Ticker: $STAGE
  • Token standard: ERC-20
  • Total supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Public listing: Uniswap v3

What does the STAGE roadmap include?

The visionary roadmap of STAGE includes various developments in the short future.

  • Q2 includes the public listing IDO.
  • The web3 app “STAGE debuts” will go live two weeks after the IDO.
  • Q3 will witness the v1 iOS and beta iOS mobile app launch.
  • Q1 of 2023 will witness the launch of its NFT marketplace.
  • Q4 of 2023 will deploy Artist tokens.

Final thoughts

The vision of STAGE to uplift budding musical artists is a much-needed initiative. The music industry seems crueler as the music label and mediators take the wholesome of the hard-earned money of the artists.

STAGE is also in plans to deploy its NFT marketplace and Artist tokens. The marketplace will include a forum for the artists to display and allow the fans to buy their NFTs. Users can initially trade the Rare Stage Cards on other marketplaces till they launch their own marketplace.

To further assist the artists, the platform will issue Artist tokens. The feature will allow artists who have passed certain criteria to issue their own token. The artists can sell the tokens to produce their upcoming albums or meet their expenses.

The STAGE is directly aimed at the millennials targeting the audience group of TikTok. With its innovative platform and primary focus on artists, will it evolve as a competition for TikTok?

Find them on social media: Website | Discord | Telegram


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