Weekly Quiz Test Your Crypto Knowledge With BIC’s Weekly Quiz — March 6

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In Brief
  • The week has been full of events in the crypto space.

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  • Take BeInCrypto's quiz to test your knowledge of the crypto industry.

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Take BeInCrypto’s quiz to test your knowledge of the crypto space and to stay on top of what’s hot right now.

Jack Dorsey’s Square made an interesting purchase, a famous Wall Street bank re-opened their cryptocurrency trading desk, AP News made an interesting contribution to the non-fungible token (NFT) space, and much more.

Are you sure you know everything about what’s been happening in the industry this week? Take BeInCrypto’s quiz to test your knowledge of the crypto space and to stay on top of what’s hot right now.

1. The Layer 2 solution is set to boost Ethereum’s (ETH) future scalability expansion. But which investor was amongst those that led its latest development funding round this week?

  1. Alphabit Digital Currency Fund
  2. Union Square Ventures
  3. Draper Goram Holm

2. Which famous Wall St. bank re-opened their cryptocurrency trading desk this week?

  1. Goldman Sachs
  2. Morgan Stanley
  3. JP Morgan

3. Fan token platform Chiliz announced it was launching a $50 million expansion into a new market. Where?

  1. The United States
  2. The European Union
  3. The United Kingdom

4. As demand for cryptocurrency surges, so too does the demand for stablecoin liquidity. Which stablecoin doubled its circulating supply this year?

  1. USDT
  2. USDc
  3. BUSD

5. According to an analysis from The Block Research, which sector of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is the fastest growing?

  1. Privacy coins
  2. Decentralized finance (DeFi)
  3. Non-blockchain decentralized ledgers

6. Which Canadian artist sold an NFT collection called WarNymph on the Nifty Marketplace for $6 million last week?

  1. Drake
  2. Grimes
  3. Justin Bieber

7. Indeed, NFTs were popular this week, with a newly uncovered Banksy piece being destroyed and converted to an NFT. How was the original piece destroyed?

  1. Burning
  2. Shredding
  3. Dissolved in acid

8. Associated Press News entered the NFT space with a piece commemorating a special type of political event. Which type of event?

  1. An inauguration
  2. An election
  3. An insurrection

9. Towards the end of the week, a fork of popular DeFi platform Yearn Finance suffered a suspected “rug-pull” event, costing over $31 million. The fork in question is named after which animal?

  1. A lion
  2. A zebra
  3. A meerkat

10. Finally, Square — a payments processor founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey — recently entered the crypto-space with a series of bitcoin (BTC) purchases in excess of $200 million. But which artist’s music streaming company did the payments company spend on this time?

  1. 50 Cent
  2. Snoop Dogg
  3. Jay-Z

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Emmanuel entered the cryptocurrency space in 2013 as a cryptocurrency broker. He is a crypto-enthusiast, entrepreneur, and investor, who has built and led several projects and communities in the space. He is CEO and co-founder of Provence Intelligence, a boutique crypto-consultancy firm that aims to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency and DLT space and the traditional world. Interests include DeFi, non-blockchain DLTs, and the synthetic derivatives space.

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