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BeInCrypto held an AMA with SoviFinance in our public Telegram channel on January 19.

Sovi Finance aims to introduce the possibility of combining liquidity mining and Non-fungible tokens (NFT) gamification, allowing users to participate in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and enjoy the gaming experience. 

Sovi delivers an open module for users to participate in the creation of the game story, as a player and a creator.

Full details on the project can be found here

This AMA has been edited for clarity.

BeInCrypto: Welcome to our BeInCrypto AMA! Today we have Alan from Sovi Finance joining us! Thanks to everyone for being here.

First of all, I think it would be interesting to know a little more about your background so please feel free to write a short paragraph about your experience with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and so on. By the way, can you also explain your current roles to us!

Alan:  I’m Alan Rose – Senior Community Manager Sovi Finance. I have been involved in the crypto market for a long time, about four years, and have been through two bull runs and I hope there will be many more bull-run in crypto in the future for us to participate in. 

1. BeInCrypto: That’s great, thanks for providing such info for us. Well, let’s get to the main topic of our session then. As far as I know, Sovi Finance created an interesting blockchain-based strategy game and I would like to start by asking some questions about it. Thus, how does SoviFinance differ from other current blockchain-based games?

Alan: Well I think SOVI has many different and stand-out advantages.

First of all, as mentioned above we are not just purely liquidity mining or NFT gamify but Sovi combines both of the popular DeFi models into this project.

Secondly, the DeFi revolution story that we want to build in the real world will be factored into the Sovi game, and each of the game participants can suggest the story direction as they want. Mining power is the key to deciding which direction the game should follow. In this way, we connect our users with us by creating an exciting user experience within the game.

Third, Sovi does not limit itself by launching only on ethereum (eth) but we recently launched as well on the Heco chain (Huobi) and we look forward to launching on other blockchains like Binance chain and Polkadot.

2. BeInCrypto: Awesome. So, I assume you have developed innovative tasks within the game in order to make it both interesting and valuable to the players. Could you please tell us what types of activities players are able to do and what they get from doing that?

Alan: There are lots of things a gamer can do within Sovi, not only play the game but also they can submit the story direction and vote for it. 

For example, just like how we want the Defi revolution to be, we want five years from now everyone using BUSD as digital cash and Heco Chain becoming the most popular blockchain in the game industry or even if they imagine most bank institutions will close down and we finally have full control of our money…. all of this they can write and submit and the community will vote for it through mining pool power. 

For more info about what participants can do within the game, I suggest everyone look at:

3. BeInCrypto: This is really new to me! In fact, a token is surely needed in this game model. What tokens are used in Sovi Finance’s game? Also, could you please share some technical info about it?

Alan: The main token of Sovi Finance is $SOVI. Beside that, we have $hSOV and $hSOV2, h= hope. hSOV and hSOV2 are used for establishing ref or the relationship between users, transferred between people. That’s why it is called “Hope.” The campaign to claim free $hSOV2 is still ongoing.

I suggest everyone hurry up and claim it because you can also use $hSOV and $hSOV2 to mine the main token $SOVI. Please be aware that $hSOV and $hSOV aren’t for sale. The official contract address: hSOV on Ethereum:

hSOV on Heco:

hSOV2 on Heco:

4. BeInCrypto: It sounds good! I like the idea to use SOVI, hSOV, and hSOV2 tokens in your project. However, let me ask you a question that is probably asked multiple times right now… What is the relation between SOVI and hSOV tokens?

Alan: $hSOV and $hSOV2 are the ingredients for your $SOVI earnings. You can use hSOV and hSOV2 at the mining pool on our main website to mine $ SOVI. Currently, we support two platforms: Ethereum and Houbi ECO Chain
Houbi ECO Chain –

5. BeInCrypto: Ok, got it. It looks impressive. This explanation provided lots of value to our session. I’m sure many members are curious about the current ways of getting tokens. So, without further ado, how do you get them? How do you make them available to the community?

Alan: Due to the great interest in SOVI Finance at its official launch, 45 million hSOV on Huobi ECO Chain were fully distributed in less than 20 hours after launch.

Currently, you can claim hSOV2 at Huobi ECO Chain at:

and hSOV at Ethereum chain:

Also, you can earn more hSOV and hSOV2 by inviting friends. You can refer to our Gitbook:

Not only that, but you can also join our regular airdrop activities to receive more hSOV2: such as airdrops on telegram, twitter, joining AMA, …

You can follow the events on our media channel:

Telegram channel:


Telegram group main chat:

6. BeInCrypto: Wow, it is definitely worth grabbing some tokens to enjoy this game. It’s very well structured and players can have some fun and also get real rewards at the same time. Good job, guys! By the way could you please tell us the main idea behind the Sovi Finance project? I mean, what do you expect to bring by launching your game?

Alan: Well, our team was formed by members who have a long and rich experience in the game industry and in blockchain technology, in total 20+ years experience.

Moreover, blockchain’s revolutionary potential reaches far beyond the financial sector. The gaming industry, ever-hungry for change, is now embracing blockchain – and the new technology looks set to disrupt the $100 billion-dollar global industry. 

We come up with this idea because we believe: 

  1. The potential of NFT as a virtual asset and real assets will generate value just with its own mechanism instead of just speculation.
  2. Gamification is about creating consensus of the virtual world, just like traditional games. SOVI intends to have users become a part of the world creation thus becoming the believers, this is what will truly bring value to NFT assets.

With Sovi we aim to become one of the most popular strategy games that have been built on blockchain to allow transferring the ownership of in-game assets from developers to players.

Not only that, by simulating the DeFi revolution into Sovi, we also want to memorize this revolution between the Decentralized Financial concept and the old. The process of this historical revolution should be told to the next generation. 

7. BeInCrypto: This is fantastic, it is good to learn more about your thoughts on this topic. You certainly have a long and successful path to go towards mass adoption. In order to make it true, what steps do you have in mind regarding a roadmap? Are there any exchange listings in sight?  

Alan: Yes, we have been working on what the roadmap should be in order for us to expand and gain more users in our game….SOVI looks forward to launching major mining by the end of Jan. 2021. There’s also the NFT battleground and the story creation competition starting in early Feb.

Then SOVI will steadily operate with the community to deliver a fancy story that users can participate in and recognize its value, by delivering more impressive NFTs and more innovative mechanisms for interacting with NFTs. We also will expand our network and collaborate with key players in the gaming and Blockchain industry.

Since the Sovi community is very strong and spreading rapidly every hour we look forward to getting $SOVI listed with some major exchanges like Huobi, Binance, or

Community: Smart contracts are prone to failure and many projects fall victim to this, costing users money and a bad reputation. How reliable and secure is your smart contract? Have you audited it through any of the parties?

Alan: The SOVI contract is being audited by Certik, and so will the upgrades.

Community: What is the thing that makes your project special and better than other similar projects?

Alan: SOVI tries to bring an Intelligent Property Feature as an added value to NFT assets. Instead of pure speculation, we believe the best way to bring true value to virtual assets is to make it generate value, and the holder of the asset is a fan of the story, just like peripheral products from movies and games, Pokemon cards for example.

Community: Your project has great features. There must be an experienced team behind it. Can you tell us about your team and their experiences in the market?

Alan: Yes, our tech team is based in Belarus and Germany, while our marketing team is located in multiple countries including Vietnam, Singapore and Europe.

On average we have over four years of experience in blockchain, we believe not only in financial tools, but more user scenarios are needed to enrich the ecosystem, and among those, the gamification assets is definitely an interesting idea and one with the most potential.

Community: What milestones do you have in place?

Alan: We are looking forward to launching the major NFT mechanism in early Feb, and then we look forward to implementing more varieties of characters (NFT) with functionalities.

This is a very exciting process because with an existing setting of SOVI, many more possibilities could be introduced, and so far we have established a good foundation for them. You would like it, not only staring at the APY, but truly like and enjoy it just like real games.

Community: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to your project? Because it’s the success of a project that gets more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are your plans to increase awareness around the non-crypto space?

Alan: Good question, this is exactly what we are planning to do.

SOVI is about to announce a background story with a magnificent world view. Imagine you could participate within a financial product just like playing a card collection game, becoming one of the participants while the story unfolds page by page.

This experience would be completely fresh, we believe not only within blockchain, but also gamers and cyberpunk novel lovers will dive into SOVI. You will see.

Community: SOVI Finance is a really interesting project. But are there too many similar projects so I don’t know much about the technical issues. Can you give more practical reasons to become an investor?

Alan: Well SOVI intends to become the first of its kind, a DeFi gamification with a whole grand story that backs it up, and all NFT assets are objects and characters within the story.

Please feel free to read the first chapter, this should clearer for you to understand what difference SOVI is trying to bring.

Community: What are the biggest challenges you expect to face and how do you plan to overcome these challenges?

Alan: I would say the biggest challenge would be transferring real-game features onto a blockchain-based system. We understand the game very well, but in order to implement those mechanisms within a blockchain, many new issues would result.

For instance, a user needs to pay gas fees for every single action, therefore we need to design a mechanism that wouldn’t require a high frequency of operation, but still provide fun and a challenge. 

However, this process is challenging and we are so excited about it. Who wouldn’t love a game that you could enjoy while earning real fortune out of it? Blockchain made it happen.

Community: So many projects speak about the “long-term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing on right now?

Alan: Instead of panicking and trying to clone others, SOVI focuses on its own goal, delivering the product and the story as promised. Nothing like this has ever existed, a path that no one ever stepped onto.

We are fascinated during the process of developing this project and you guys will also feel the same when experiencing it.

BeInCrypto: Thank you so much Alan. We’ve really learnt a lot from you.

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