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Proof of Hype: Tron and BitTorrent Hosting Secret Valentine’s Day Campaign with ‘Major’ Celebrities

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On Feb 5, 2019, Justin Sun announced a secret Valentine’s Day campaign for Tron (TRX) and BitTorrent (BTT). The event will supposedly include a number of unknown celebrities. None of these celebrities, however, are named — and very few details are presented about who they might be.
Attempts can be made to determine who the celebrities of the Valentine’s Day Campaign are, but the information Sun presents is too limited to draw any substantial conclusions. For example, he states that a main character of Friends will be present — but gives no other information about that person. There were six main characters on the show, all of whom are still alive. Anyone of these could be the individual whom Sun is alluding too. Furthermore, he states that an individual who has won four Super Bowl titles will be present. There are at least 33 players which meet this criterion. If coaches and other staff are included, that number is much higher. Lastly, a winner of three Golden Globe Awards has been announced as part of the campaign — but the category or categories in which the awards were received are not stated. The celebrity might be an actor, director, composer, film compositor, or someone else completely. This leaves possibly dozens of individuals. Furthermore, the nature of the campaign is not defined. All that is stated is that some campaign will be taking place on Valentine’s Day that will theoretically incorporate TRX, BTT, and some unknown number of celebrities. This could be a press conference, a small conference, an airdrop, the release of a commercial or another form of advertisement, or something else entirely. With the limited number of details thus far released by Sun, the entire event is wrapped in ambiguity.
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Celebrity Endorsements

This is not the first time that Sun has turned to mainstream celebrities outside of the digital asset industry. During the niTrOn2019 conference in Jan, Kobe Bryant was present as a speaker. For approximately thirty minutes, he and Sun discussed entrepreneurship in front of a live-and-recorded audience. The exact purpose of Bryant’s appearance was never defined, but given that he has not vocally supported any specific cryptoasset or the cryptoasset market generally, his presentation appears like a marketing gimmick. It is possible that the Valentine’s Day Campaign may similarly be marketing related. What do you think Justin Sun has planned for the Valentine’s Day campaign? What role do you think the celebrities are meant to play? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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