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This Stablecoin Suffered 50% Depeg Following $8.5M Hack

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In Brief

  • The hacker drained approximately $8.5 from Platypus.
  • The stablecoin USP lost its peg by more than 50%, but has now recovered.
  • ZachXBT, the on-chain sleuth, has traced down the potential identity of the attacker.
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Platypus, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, was the victim of a flash loan attack worth $8.5 million. The stablecoin USP got depegged by 50% before recovering the peg.

The DeFi protocol Aave developed flash loans in 2020, which made lending and borrowing simpler without collateral. In layman’s language, a crypto loan is taken out and repaid within the same transaction in a flash loan. But, this facility attracted bad actors to take huge loans and then use the amount to manipulate the market in their favor. Such malicious activity is referred to as a flash-loan attack

The DeFi protocol, Platypus, became the latest victim of the flash loan attack, which saw the hacker drain approximately $8.5 million.

Team Works on Recovery Plan

Platypus Finance is a stablecoin swap on the Avalanche blockchain. Recently, it launched its stablecoin USP on Feb. 6. The attackers conducted a flash loan attack by exploiting a logic error in the USP solvency check mechanism.

After the attack, the USP lost its peg and was trading at around $0.47, but now the stablecoin has almost recovered its peg.

Platypus USD chart from CoinGecko
Source: CoinGecko

The team is working with Binance, Tether, and Circle to freeze the fund. They have successfully managed to freeze the USDT. The protocol has also paused all the withdrawals for the time being.

According to the latest Discord message from the admin, the team will soon release a “full recovery and action plan.” 

ZachXBT Tracks Down Identity of Attacker

The on-chain sleuth ZachXBT traced down the wallet addresses of the attacker to a Twitter account, “retlqw.” He reached out to the potential attacker to negotiate the return of the fund, but the person deactivated their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

As the team froze a significant portion of the fund, the community believes that the hacker does not have a chance of negotiating a bounty negotiation.

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