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Physical NFT Displays Becoming the New Rage for Collectors

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In Brief

  • A new niche market has opened up for physical frames displaying NFTs.
  • The frames can be linked to crypto wallets containing NFTs to display.
  • This is a step up from the Twitter NFT feature, launched in 2021.
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Innovative startups Lago, Danvas, and Infinite Objects, are beginning to transform the way NFTs are exhibited and shared.

The recent surge in non-fungible token purchases, from Bored Apes to CryptoPunks has resulted in the birth of a new NFT display industry.

In much the same way that traditional art showcases the owner’s penchant for the finer things in life by its exhibition, a new generation of art holders is showing a growing appetite for customized digital displays that show off their NFTs residing on the blockchain.

NFTs are a type of digital certificate on the blockchain that records ownership of a physical or digital asset. The authenticity of the artwork is indisputable, hence an NFT can be compared to a title deed of a house. In order to buy an NFT on the most popular marketplace, OpenSea, one only needs a crypto wallet with enough Ethereum.

Bespoke NFT displays find their niche

Bespoke displays of different shapes, sizes, once thought of as the missing link between the digital art world and the physical world, are now becoming a reality, thanks to startups Canvia, Blockframe, Tokenframe, Lago, Danvas, and Infinite Objects.

Both Lago and Danvas are offering square-shaped frames. Lago’s flagship model, the Lago Frame, boasts sensors for gestures and vocal interactions while Danvas frames also include a level of interactivity for compatible NFT assets. Danvas is adamant that its frames won’t simply look like a square television, but rather will have a museum-quality design and feel, which is clearly targeted at the serious digital art collector.

Canvia presents a slightly different proposition than Lago and Danvas, offering full-HD rectangular frames that connect to crypto wallets to display purchased NFT artwork. Blockframe offers integration with Ethereum and Tezos wallets, while another startup Tokenframe distinguishes itself by offering wallet-connected frames in many different shapes and sizes.

Counterfeiting still a problem

The ongoing issue with counterfeiting that applies to physical art, unfortunately, applies to NFTs as well, since no law enforcement actively polices this space. Should customers buy a particular work, there is no digital art inspector to verify its genuineness. There is also no official legal recourse, sometimes leaving the artist with no option but to enlist the help of the wider crypto community. If this continues when the artwork is displayed on frames, it could disincentivize artists from creating more original content.

Infinite Objects is looking to change that with its new wallet-linked displays. What makes Infinite Objects displays unique, however, is that each display sold will only ever-present one NFT from one artist, reassuring artists that they will know exactly who owns the original artwork, hence preventing counterfeiting.

Infinite Objects launched in 2019 before the 2021 NFT mania, focusing on giving digital artists a revenue stream from physical displays of their work. When NFTs became mainstream, they presented a novel proposition to the company, that went full-steam ahead with wallet integration. A new partnership with Dapper Labs will allow NBA Top Shot NFTs to be displayed in Infinite Objects’ frame.

Twitter NFT profile pictures

Twitter launched a new option recently for setting an NFT as one’s profile picture, marking the first time high-profile individuals were able to show off their pricey tastes in digital art.

Users had to link a crypto wallet to their Twitter profile to display purchased artwork, marking this as the first form of NFT exhibitions.


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