Joey Krug, co-CIO at Pantera Capital, still sees a bright future ahead for the cryptocurrency market and blockchain ecosystems — foreseeing another massive bull run within the next two years.

That bull run, however, is contingent on two major catalysts.

‘Close To A Bottom’

Bloomberg recently got to speak with Joey Krug, who is a co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital — one of the largest digital asset investment funds in the cryptocurrency space.

Pantera Capital has been suffering through the same bear market as the rest of us, but their vision stays steady on the long-term road.

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Krug himself is quite optimistic that the worst is nearly over.


The market does certainly seem range-bound, with Bitcoin recently seeing some of the lowest levels of volatility in years.

Scalability issues and the expense to move fiat currency into cryptocurrency, if solved, are two potential catalysts that Krug feels are currently problems which ‘are holding the markets back.’

Krug is among the throngs of investors who believe that the expense issue can be driven down by the increasing number of digital asset custody firms that are popping up — like the Intercontinental Exchange-backed Bakkt and the newly announced Fidelity Digital Asset platform.

Scalability is also widely regarded as a huge obstacle that’s hindering a great deal of adoption. Blockchain technology is in its infancy and struggles to keep up, in terms of transaction speed, with already established traditional financial companies.

When do you think the cryptocurrency market will see its next significant bull run? Do you agree that scalability and lowering expenses are potential catalysts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!