NFT Art: Fancy a $34,500 Frame for Your Non-Fungible Tokens?

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In Brief
  • A new frame is available for displaying NFT art on walls
  • The frame has a built-in authentication indicator
  • Owning the frame gives NFT holders additional benefits
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NFT art now has accessories that make it just like… normal art. A company called Danvas has developed the world’s first-ever luxury, museum-quality NFT art display.

The Danvas display is an LED device. Like a normal frame for normal art, but way, way more expensive. But it has some touches that bring the design into the digital world.

Enter the Darkroom by Lushaalic

NFT Art Frame

Each frame is priced at $34,500, and enthusiasts can pay in crypto as well as fiat. The first-edition display, Series G, will have the full color range that the original work has, which they say emulates the authenticity of the original artwork. The makers also say there will be no glare, and a button for adjustable brightness. If the NFT has sound, then that can be heard via the display’s acoustic channeling.

Euterpe, Violet by Hermine Bourdin

The frame has a built-in authentication indicator. When connected to the owner’s NFT wallet, it works out if the NFT art is authentic, and owned by the wallet holder. Once it validates the ownership of an NFT, a blue light on the bottom of the display switches on.

Jeanne Anderson is the CEO of Danvas. “Our new Danvas Series G display represents a watershed moment in the validation of digital and NFT art. New movements in art have often had a history of being misunderstood, and digital art is no different. We are currently experiencing a new renaissance in NFT and digital art, and at Danvas we believe the remarkable artworks being created today deserve to be shown and shared in an extraordinary display.”

NFT art danvas frame
3.               Red Mouse by Piskunov

Other Benefits

The frame has been created in partnership with an industrial design firm, called the Ammunition Group. This is the same studio responsible for Beats by Dre.

The first 100 Danvas Series G Frames released will be sold as premier edition models. Danvas says that buyers of the frames are eligible for future art drops and priority access for premium upgrades.

And here’s the good news, you don’t have to install it yourself. Danvas say that a white-glove delivery service and expert installation will “ensure a seamless experience from first click to display debut.”

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