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LedgerPrime Buys $50 Million for Bitcoin Fund

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In Brief

  • LedgerPrime spends $50 million to acquire Bitcoin
  • Quantitive aspect of DeFi is backed by science
  • LedgePrime buys T3i BitVol Index for $0
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LedgerPrime is now the latest investment company to sell securities to purchase Bitcoin. The firm sold roughly $50 million in securities to offer the transaction.

Led by a stellar lineup of Ph.D. executives, LedgerPrime states that they have spearheaded “quantitative digital asset” investments.

The firm entered the crypto trading market in late 2017 with a unique take on digital asset investment. Their principles are deep-rooted in tech, yet come from an angle that is largely data-centric. They also happened to raise a cool $20 million in 2019, solidifying their position among the DEX ranks.

LedgerPrime Staying Ahead of the Game

LedgerPrime’s modus operandi lies in becoming a “global leader in generating sustained and superior risk-adjusted returns in one of the fastest-growing assets in the world.” It is owned by Ledger Holdings Inc., which also has LedgerX under its umbrella.

Interestingly, only yesterday, LedgerPrime purchased the T3i BitVol Index at no cost. The Index’s recent hype in the crypto industry has experts calling it a bitcoin “fear gauge.” It follows how bitcoin is performing on the market and accordingly adjusts up and down.

Mainstream Crypto Adoption Closer

Ayesha Kiani, VP of business development, LedgerPrime, recently spoke at SXSW 2021. The topic of discussion was the evolution of the crypto Derivatives market. In fact, she touched on several aspects of mainstream crypto adoption. Also, she stressed the importance of DeFi firms working together to enable the adoption to happen more quickly and efficiently:

“We all are striving for the same thing. Currently DeFi (decentralized finance) is about 1% of what CeFi (centralized finance) is. By 2022, DeFi is expected to have around 10 million users.” We are here to help…at the end of the day, we all have the same goal for cryptocurrency to be widely adopted.”

Man With a Plan

Schiliang Tang, Chief Investment Officer for LedgerPrime, spoke to the Crypto and Muay Thai Podcast last year. While discussing quantitative and derivatives trading, he stressed the following about LedgerPrime:

“We’ve made a huge effort in making sure our investors understand the markets that we want to get into; the returns that they are expecting from us. That we allocate capital based on different platforms…So much of crypto is managing your capital and balance sheet, something that you think a bit less of in traditional markets.”

Things are moving lightning-fast for this firm, and the community is keeping a close watch.


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