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7 Top NFT Artists: Best Creators To Watch Out for in 2024

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In 2021, NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, dominated crypto discussions. Unique crypto assets, mostly pictures, entered art and sports, proving their appeal. Additionally, crypto art sales as NFTs soared; Beeple, an NFT artist, made headlines with a $69 million sale.

NFTs emerged in 2012 but only went mainstream in 2021. Their potential for artists and industries was still transpiring, yet their popularity surge showed immense promise. This article dives into seven interesting and unique NFT artists worth looking into this year.

What is an NFT artist?

An NFT artist is a creator who produces unique digital artworks, typically tokenized as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on a blockchain platform. These artists leverage blockchain technology’s decentralized and secure nature to authenticate and sell their art to the crypto community, including those involved in decentralized finance (DeFi). Their work, often innovative and boundary-pushing, contributes to the evolving world of digital art within the crypto and DeFi ecosystems.

32% Spike in NFT Market in October 2023: A Glimpse Into a Multibillion-Dollar Future medium chart
NFT market: Medium

NFTs have experienced a significant resurgence, with a notable 32% increase in sales as of October 2023. This resurgence signals a fresh and promising era in the digital art industry, now underpinned by an impressive valuation of $40 billion that continues to grow.

Top NFT artists of 2024

As we delve into the dynamic world of NFTs in 2024, the question arises: Who are the trailblazers leading the charge in the NFT space? Here are some of our top choices:

1. Beeple

While Beeple is, at the moment, at the top of everyone’s list, this is with good reason. The artist (real name Mike Winklemann) had sold one of his digital artworks for $69 million earlier in 2021. This makes him one of the most valuable artists ever, digital or not.

Looking back, Beeple’s remarkable journey through his “5258 Consecutive Days” collection stands out as a monumental achievement in digital art. This collection, featuring artwork for each of the 5258 days, marked a significant milestone in his career. By completing this project, Beeple had firmly established himself as a pioneering figure in the NFT space, renowned for his distinctive style and innovative approach.

His collections, avidly followed and hosted on a specialized platform, attracted a dedicated fan base and significantly influenced the digital art sector. Beeple’s work captivated the crypto community and set new standards in blending art and technology, reflecting the dynamic evolution of the NFT market up to 2024.

2. Trevor Jones

trevor jones crypto web3

While Trevor Jones’s artwork has not yet reached the fame and value of Beeple’s, he is still a major player in the NFT Space. While also producing art outside the crypto world, one of the creator’s most notable works, “the Bitcoin angel,” made a staggering $3.2 million when it went up for auction back in 2021.

Scottish artist Trevor Jones actively transformed his physical artwork into digital form. He recently auctioned the original painting and its NFT version, boosting interest and revenue. Committed to using his art for charitable causes, he donated 20% of the auction proceeds to the cancer support charity Maggie’s. This donation, the largest single contribution from an art event in Maggie’s Edinburgh centre’s 27-year history, amounted to $140,000 (£114,000).

His innovative approach to art and dedication to philanthropy have made him an artist to watch in the future.

3. Mad Dog Jones

Another Jones, and not just because it follows the previous pick. Mad Dog Jones is a top Canadian NFT artist, bringing in millions of dollars in a single drop of NFTs. The artist, whose real name is Micah Dowbak, has partnered with Philips to create “Replicator,” an NFT project that creates a new NFT every 28 days. Generating 4 million dollars from one drop, while most fans of the artist paid as much as $5k to own a piece of Mad Dog Jones art. If fans of Mad Dog Jones art continue to go mad for his art, there’s no telling where this NFT artist will go in the future, but it will be interesting to find out.

4. 3LAU

While not primarily an NFT creator, 3LAU has dipped his toes in the crypto space, being one of the first artists to have their music on blockchain music streaming services — and now getting into the NFT space. 3LAU could certainly be counted as one of the best NFT creators. Releasing his music in the form of NFTs, 3LAU has sold over $12.7 million in NFTs, $11.6 million of which was for his own album. Furthermore, his collaboration with SlimeSunday made $1,333,333. Already a megastar in the crypto space, 3LAU will undoubtedly stay involved as their career progresses.

5. Jose Delbo

In July 2020, Jose Delbo initiated his journey into the NFT world by transforming his comic books into NFTs, quickly establishing himself as a leading artist. His first NFT comic book, “Death,” initially sold for a modest $642.14. Subsequently, the average sale price of his works escalated to $2,884.53 each, with a standout collaboration with Trevor Jones achieving an impressive sale of $553,169.65.

Jose’s artwork swiftly accrued a value exceeding $8 million, and his continuous production of NFTs consistently drove this figure upwards. By focusing on comic-themed NFTs, he carved a distinctive niche, attracting a market of enthusiasts who enjoyed his comics and invested in them as valuable digital art pieces.


XCOPY, while (much like Beeple and Trevor Jones) appear in many lists like this, it is definitely justified to do so. While he/she has produced fewer NFT artworks than others, his/her total still stands at an impressive 1,907 NFTs, averaging at just over $5k each. This has made him/her almost 12 million dollars. However, one of XCOPY’s NFTs, “Death Dip,” sold for 1.8 million dollars.

XCOPY has a significant following on Twitter/X for his digital artwork, and this is still growing. Some of XCOPY’s most valuable work on sale currently has a market price of $1.2 million — initially selling for $750 — showing how the value and popularity of their work has skyrocketed in recent months. Like many of the other top NFT creators here, it proved a massive success in such a short space of time.

7. Fewocious

Producing art at the age of 13, Fewocious moved into the NFT space at 17. His first series of NFT drops grossed him $17 million within a year. This previous experience as an artist certainly helped Fewocious; however, such immediate success is rare.

As a trans creator, this has contributed to the artwork of Fewocious. The artist gained such popularity that an auction of some of his NFTs crashed the Christie’s Auction House website earlier this year, a sign that NFTs are fast becoming mainstream, and Fewocious is contributing to this. The NFT on sale, “The Everlasting Beautiful,” eventually sold for $550k.

One of their most valuable pieces listed on is a piece called “Hurt Feelings,” which is currently worth $551,584.86 (231.1 ETH). This is an amazing achievement in just over a year; however, perhaps this is due to their vast experience in the art world.

NFTs gain momentum as more artists are joining the movement

The growing trend of NFT artists like Fewocious, XCOPY, 3LAU, Trevor Jones, Beeple, and Mad Dog Jones selling their artworks on platforms such as OpenSea or signifies the pivotal role of this technology in the future of art transactions.

Given the current trends, these top NFT artists are poised for a promising future in the NFT space. The significant rise in popularity of NFTs and their transformative impact on the creative world indicate a strong likelihood that NFTs are not just a passing trend but a permanent fixture in the arts.

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