NuCypher (NU) Price Prediction 2023/2025/2030

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Decentralized protocols are growing exponentially. And data is one of the vital cogs of a decentralized ecosystem. Encrypting that data properly is paramount. So NuCypher — a data encryption protocol — aims to do just that, storing and encrypting data relevant to the Ethereum network or related DApps. This NuCypher price prediction discusses the investment potential and desirability of the project.

Plus, our NuCypher price prediction model looks at the ROI potential of NU — NuCypher’s native token. This price forecasting model conducts fundamental and technical analysis, considers tokenomics, on-chain analysis, and more. Let’s get to it.

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NuCypher price forecast and fundamental analysis

NuCypher solves an important blockchain issue. It allows developers and network participants to store private insights on public ecosystems securely. Simply put, NuCypher is a KMS or a Key Management System with decentralization at its core. 

NuCypher, with its highly secure data handling capability, qualifies as a data management protocol in web3. Its peers include The Graph, Chainlink, Dent, and more. However, NuCypher strives to be different. Here is how:

  1. It keeps the use case simple — working as a blockchain privacy layer.
  2. A wider adoption might make blockchain more relevant in industries like healthcare, whereas conditional access to data might be necessary.
  3. NuCypher is a technically rich protocol using threshold signatures and other technologies to remain useful and relevant.
  4. Its native token, NU, helps run specific NuCypher nodes and even incentivizes participants to offer data-securing services.
  5. NuCypher merged with the KEEP Network (secured off-chain data containers) in 2022 to make way for the Threshold Network. However, the individual ecosystems are still relevant.
  6. It is a layer-2 protocol using proof-of-stake as the consensus mechanism. 
NuCypher trading markets
NuCypher trading markets: CoinMarketCap

However, there is a red flag. Popular exchanges like Binance and have delisted NuCypher to support the new merged token T (Threshold). Therefore, the trading markets have shrunk for NuCypher, making the price optimism bleak. 

NuCypher token economics and the impact on future price predictions

NuCypher came in with a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. Even though the supply is inflationary, the issuance rate is expected to drop, making the economics disinflationary in nature.

holding stats NU
NuCypher holding statistics: CoinMarketCap

Currently, with NuCypher trading changing to Threshold trading across exchanges, token economics might not be the most important aspect of price prediction. The matter of concern, however, is that the top 100 NU holders are in control of 99.52% of the overall supply. And any dump due to the waning popularity might trigger a sharp price drop.

NuCypher price prediction and other key metrics

The daily active address count has recently peaked, taking the prices higher. This might be a short-term sign of optimism, as the prices were in a broader downtrend for the better part of 2022. 

NuCypher price prediction and active address count: Santiment
NuCypher price prediction and active address count: Santiment

However, the social volume metric paints a different picture altogether. Since the peak in September, social chatter involving NuCypher hasn’t been all that high. This might lead to future price stagnation in the mid-to-long term.

social volume
NuCypher social volume: Santiment

Here is NuCypher’s official page, where most discussions are regarding the new Threshold network. 

NU price prediction and technical analysis

We have already taken a closer look at NuCypher’s fundamental stead. Plus, we know by now that the presence of Threshold has dented prices significantly. Yet, some exchanges like Coinbase still support NuCypher trading, albeit with limited liquidity.

There was a time when the market cap of NuCypher peaked all the way at $1.07 billion. The trading volume at that time was $470.80 million. However, since Threshold emerged, the market cap has fallen at least ten times, with trading volume levels as low as $1.85 million around early November 2022.

The NU-USD trading pair at Coinbase currently dominates the trading limelight with a decent liquidity score. We shall be using Coinbase’s NU-USD trading chart for our technical analysis.

Here is the raw chart for you to identify a pattern:

NuCypher price prediction weekly chart: TradingView
NuCypher price prediction weekly chart: TradingView

Pattern identification

The weekly prices of NuCypher show a clear pattern. On the left, we have a higher high formation leading to a peak, followed by a lower low formation and then a peak. And from that peak — the maximum price of $3.58 — NuCypher forms a series of lower highs. The pattern would be completed if NU successfully makes a higher high — just like at the chart’s beginning.

Also, if a higher high is made, smaller than the peak, you might be looking at a head and shoulders pattern for NuCypher. That might signify some weakness at NuCypher’s counter. 

Here are all the marked points for your reference:

NuCypher price prediction weekly chart with all points marked: TradingView
NuCypher price prediction weekly chart with all points marked: TradingView

Our task is to locate the next set of points, C1, N1, B1, M1, and N1 if we believe NU could complete the pattern.

Price changes

As it is a forward-moving pattern, we will create one table to trace the price changes and distances from A to O1. 

NuCypher price prediction and price changes: TradingView
NuCypher price prediction and price changes: TradingView
NuCypher price change table
NuCypher price change table: TradingView

We can infer the following things from the table above:

  1. The negative column values signify all the high-to-low moves. The average price change and distance for high-to-low moves are 79.88% and 160 days. Maximum distance and price drop percentages are 441 days and -96.72 — figures that we keep handy considering the bearish nature of the crypto market.
  2. The positive column values signify all low-to-high moves. In this case, the average price change and distance are 822.88% and 47 days. The maximum distance can be 140 days (the sum of all the column values holding positive percentages), and the minimum price hike would depend on the support and resistance lines on the chart. 

We can use the above-mentioned insight to predict the future prices of NuCypher, in short-term and long-term. 

NuCypher (NU) price prediction 2023

Outlook: Moderately bullish

Now we have the last low as O1. So, we can use the low-to-high average from the table above to plot the next high. The maximum distance can be 140 days, as mentioned above. The next high from O1 can surface at $0.4144 — a level that acts as a strong resistance for NuCypher. This translates into a peak of 414%, which is acceptable considering the current state of NuCypher.

However, if the quintessential head-and-shoulders pattern is to be completed, we can expect the price of NuCypher even to reach $1.14. But after the creation of Threshold — the merger-specific token — a price bump of over 1300% doesn’t look practical.

NuCypher price prediction 2023: TradingView
NuCypher price prediction 2023: TradingView

If NuCypher reaches $0.4144, the low might just show up in 160 days per the high-to-low average. The average low can surface at a drop of 79.88%, a level that looks probable considering the decreasing popularity of NuCypher after the introduction of Threshold.

Therefore, the NuCypher low might surface at $0.0845. The high in 2023, as mentioned previously, might surface at $0.4144. 

Projected ROI from the current level: 39%

NuCypher (NU) price prediction 2025

Outlook: Bearish

Now that we have C1 and N1 handy, we can try and locate the average prices — highs and lows — for 2024 and even 2025. The first level, or B1, should start from N1. The distance can be 140 days, and the peak can go as high as $0.2446. This puts B1 lower than C1 — a trend similar to the chart’s beginning.

This puts the NuCypher price prediction for 2024 at a high of $0.2446. The low, in that case, can surface at a low of over 79% — using the average from the table — and surface at $0.0517.

NuCypher price prediction 2025: TradingView
NuCypher price prediction 2025: TradingView

A1 or the NuCypher price prediction 2025 high can start from the 2024 low or M1. It might take NU 140 days to reach the same. Depending on the crypto market conditions, the price can take shelter at the immediate resistance of $0.1754 — which aligns with the existing price level of $0.175 as of Jan. 29, 2023.

Projected ROI from the current level: Less than 10%

NuCypher (NU) price prediction 2030

Outlook: Bullish

Now that we have the price levels till A1, it is clear the price of NuCypher won’t be all that buoyant till 2025. Not until it trades continuously inside the given pattern. Also, the NuCypher price forecast till 2025 replicates a bearish head-and-shoulders pattern in some way, which explains the projected minimal ROI.

Therefore, from A1, we can expect the average prices of NuCypher to start following the same pattern — A to A1, all over again. The peaks and throughs can be placed differently depending on the overall market condition and adoption of NuCypher.

NuCypher price prediction 2030: TradingView
NuCypher price prediction 2030: TradingView

From A1, we can expect the next drop to be at M2 — the starting point of the next pattern. This level can also be the NuCypher price prediction low for 2025. The drop of 79.88% might not happen as post-A1 — at the brink of a new pattern — the price of NU tokens might not adhere to the average drop or hike percentages. 

Therefore, over the next 160 days, we can expect the price to drop to a strong support level of $0.0611 — which aligns with the all-time low of NuCypher. We can mark this point as M2. (Refer to the 2026 chart in the section above for reference).

If NuCypher stays alive and trades across exchanges by the end of 2025, we can expect the 2026 high to follow the 140-day path — per the table above. The price rise can settle at a minimum hike of 557.67%, according to the table above. This puts the NuCypher price forecast high for 2026 at $0.4120 — closer to its 2023 high. 

Road to 2030

We now have the 2026 high and 2025 low in sight. It is possible to connect these levels using the Fib indicator to trace the path till 2030. 

If the same growth path from 2025 to 2026 is followed, the NuCypher price prediction for 2030 high could surface at $4.1450. 

Projected ROI from the current level: 2268%

NuCypher (NU’s) long-term price prediction (up to 2035)

Outlook: Bullish

While we have access to the expected NuCypher prices until 2030, it is only appropriate to see how they might fare till 2035. Here is a table to help with that:

Year | Maximum price of NUMinimum price of NU
Nucypher price prediction till 2035: Table 2

Is the NuCypher price prediction model accurate?

NuCypher has seen a transition. And while the prices and future prospects were hit, the protocol’s innovation and privacy tools remain relevant. This NuCypher model is unique in considering the slowing trading momentum. As you can see, the near-term prices are unlikely to surge due to the current state of events. But then, if NuCypher shows some utility in its own right, the average prices up to 2030 and beyond might become buoyant. In short, this price prediction is realistic yet practical, capturing tokenomics and on-chain metrics to paint a holistic picture of the future of the NU token.

Frequently asked questions

Is NuCypher coin a good investment?

NuCypher looks like a decent long term investment, especially due to the novel decentralized data management use case. What works even better is the way NU tokens incentivize the entire ecosystem of participants. And most importantly, our NuCypher price prediction model puts the price of NU tokens at over $1.39 by the end of 2028.

What will NuCypher coin be worth in 2030?

Our NuCypher price prediction model puts the price of NuCypher at $4.1450 by the end of 2030. However, you must note that this isn’t an absolute level as NuCypher is currently finding it hard to scale up, even when the market is rallying.  Also, the 2030 price point, if reached, will allow NU tokens to chart another all-time high, beating its current maximum level of $3.58.

How high will NuCypher go?

If you go solely by our NuCypher price prediction model, we expect NU to reach $11.57 by the end of 2035.  However, NU can only reach this level if the ecosystem keeps growing and there is a lot of adoption in regard to decentralized storage and data management. Yet, the expected price point isn’t absolute and might change depending on the current state of the crypto market.

What type of crypto is NuCypher?

NuCypher is the decentralized data protection, encryption, or rather a management project that helps build DApps. NU — the native crypto — is meant to incentivize the ecosystem whilst supporting staking and governance-based decision-making. Another feather in NuCypher’s cap is the inclusion of slashing rewards, which keep unscrupulous staking activities at bay.

Who is behind NuCypher?

NuCypher is the brainchild of MacLane Wilkison and Mikhail Egorov. While MacLane — the current CEO — is a software engineer, Egorov comes with a security research background and is also a physicist. NuCypher’s mainnet came to be in 2020 when NU crypto worth $45 million were distributed to the nodes for securing the same.


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