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4 Best Bitcoin Mixers and Tumblers in 2024

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Bitcoin is not anonymous; it is pseudonymous. Yet, for many individuals, achieving anonymity on the blockchain is paramount — because the alternative is the equivalent of broadcasting your financial information on social media. If you’re looking to protect your on-chain transactions from prying eyes, read through this guide on the best Bitcoin mixers and tumblers on the market in 2024. 

The 4 best Bitcoin mixers and tumblers

PlatformMixing feesMin./Max.Customer support
Mixero0.7-5%0.002 BTC/250.00 BTC Email
YoMix.IO0.7%-4.7%0.001 BTC/UnlimitedEmail
UniJoin1-3%0.001 BTC BTC/ 1000.00 BTCEmail
Tumbler.io0.4-5%0.001 BTC/500++ BTC24/7 customer support

1. Mixero

mixero crypto

The Mixero mixer generates untraceable coins, helping users mix their crypto while maintaining privacy and security. Using CoinJoin technology, your crypto is pooled with others to obfuscate any digital footprint.

The advanced mode employs a unique mixing method in the cryptocurrency world known as “exchange.” This method involves swapping assets from BTC to XMR and back to BTC. The process employs automatically generated wallets that are not linked to any exchange, making it extremely difficult to track transactions.

You only need to enter one or more destination BTC addresses to use the Mixero service. After that, you can decide what mixing fees Mixero should charge.

Mixero benefits:

  • Does not keep logs of user’s personal data, like IP addresses
  • Option to delay transactions for increased privacy
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customer support
  • Low mixing fees and flexible transactions make it affordable for different user needs

2. UniJoin

UniJoin is another cryptocurrency mixing service attentive to the security of its user base. Utilizing CoinJoin technology, UniJoin enables users to combine their transactions with others, effectively obfuscating the origin and destination of the funds. The platform also has a low mixing fee of just 1%, ensuring users can maintain their financial privacy without incurring significant costs. For anyone seeking to protect their financial privacy in the growing crypto sector, UniJoin provides a reliable solution.

UniJoin benefits

  • Anonymity for user’s transactions
  • Support for multiple cryptocurrencies
  • User-friendly interface
  • Low mixing fee of 1%
  • Quick and efficient transaction processing

3. YoMix.IO

Yomix bitcoin mixer

Even the smallest online shops or cryptocurrency exchanges track transactions in today’s crypto market. Due to the mechanics of the blockchain network, anyone can track the movement of funds or see the total balance of any given wallet.

Yo!Mix considers this an unacceptable privacy violation. The team believes anonymity is a right of every person — and is never superfluous. In a bid to restore these rights, the company has created a completely anonymous service (no pseudo-anonymity here!)

The service has a zero-logging policy and does not store any of its user’s personal information. Yo!Mix has also created a TOR version of its website and a clean (no JavaScript) version for the white web.

Yo!Mix benefits:

  • Safely and securely mixes coins.
  • Employs multi-transactions, making it impossible to track transactions using amount-based analysis.
  • Offers support for all types of addresses, including SegWit, Taproot, Legacy, and Bech32.
  • Users can also set transfer delays (up to 72 hours) to hide their crypto information further.
  • Yo!Mix has a low minimum amount and will mix from 0.001 BTC.
  • Offers instant mixing (when applicable) and up to five outgoing addresses.

4. Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet stands out as an ideal Bitcoin mixer due to its integrated CoinJoin feature, significantly enhancing users’ privacy and security. CoinJoin mixes BTC coins from multiple users into a single transaction and redistributes them back to their original owners, effectively obscuring the transaction paths and making it difficult for third parties to trace the funds.

Users pay a 0.3% coordinator fee to use Wasabi Wallet’s CoinJoin feature and the standard Bitcoin network transaction fees. Despite these costs, the advanced privacy features and user-friendly interface make Wasabi Wallet a top choice for those seeking to maintain anonymity and secure their Bitcoin transactions. Its robust privacy protections ensure that users can transact confidently, knowing their financial activities remain confidential.

Wasabi Wallet benefits

  • Integrated CoinJoin support for enhanced privacy.
  • Combines BTC coins from multiple users into a single transaction.
  • Redistributes coins back to the original owners, obscuring transaction paths.
  • 0.3% coordinator fee for using the CoinJoin feature.
  • Users pay standard Bitcoin network transaction fees.

Which is the best Bitcoin mixer?

This guide on Bitcoin mixer reviews how each of these Bitcoin mixers can serve you well, but it comes down to your specific needs to decide which is the best Bitcoin mixer for you. They all offer a high degree of user anonymity regarding Bitcoin mixing but have slightly different features. 

For instance, Mixer allows you to use up to five Bitcoin addresses, while offers up to 10 addresses. The same goes for the service fees, which vary slightly from service to service. Most mixers typically charge more for larger transaction sizes, while only a few charge a flat fee. As far as the lowest fees, again comes in first.

It’s worth considering the amount of Bitcoin you want to send, as some Bitcoin mixers have a minimum and a maximum amount per transaction, and the fee is a percentage of that amount. allows you to mix an unlimited amount of Bitcoin. On the other hand, allows you to mix the smallest “maximum” amount. Keep in mind that mixers are more effective for smaller-sized transactions, depending on the total amount of Bitcoin in the mixing service.

What is a Bitcoin mixer or Bitcoin tumbler?

A Bitcoin mixer or Bitcoin tumbler is an external service and privacy tool that can obfuscate the data linking you to Bitcoin transfers. Bitcoin mixing is extremely beneficial for those who want to regain complete privacy of their transactions and funds. The service, when used properly, makes doxxing users extremely difficult.

There are many misconceptions about who uses Bitcoin tumblers today. Many people believe that only terrorists or tax evaders want to hide their transactions. In reality, everyday people use Bitcoin mixers to protect their privacy — and for good reason. 

This includes but is not limited to “Sillionaires” (Silicon Valley millionaires/billionaires), investors, travelers, heirs, public figures, celebrities, and a host of other individuals that we don’t typically think of as Bitcoin enthusiasts.

That is why many people are bullish on Bitcoin mixers. Obfuscating transactions on the blockchain is important for financial privacy; for some, it could also mean the difference between life and death.

How do Bitcoin mixers work?

Monthly volume of CoinJoined Bitcoin: Adam Ficsor, Wasabi Wallet
Monthly volume of CoinJoined Bitcoin: Adam Ficsor, Wasabi Wallet

A Bitcoin mixer is a software service that breaks down your funds into smaller sets and subsequently mixes them with other transactions. After this process, called Bitcoin tumbling, the recipient gets the same value in Bitcoin but receives a different set of coins. This makes Bitcoin tracing more difficult and breaks the link between specific coins and individuals.

Essentially, the best Bitcoin tumblers and mixers help you break the connection between your identity and the BTC you own. When you use a Bitcoin blender, you receive new coins disassociated from your identity, and that’s how you can regain your privacy. These services have a small fee and confuse the Bitcoin tracking solutions tracing those anonymous transactions.

There are a few different ways to anonymize your Bitcoins. For instance, peer-to-peer platforms can be a meeting place for Bitcoin users. Apart from the mixer server, the participants are unaware of the Bitcoin addresses for the input and output of the transactions. However, this process requires all users to come together to form a Bitcoin exchange. As such, digital Bitcoin mixers are the most popular method of regaining privacy within decentralized ecosystems.

Why should I mix my coins?

first bitcoin transaction

Initially, the crypto community envisaged Bitcoin as a completely anonymous medium for financial transactions. But in today’s more mainstream cryptocurrency environment, most cryptos have lost the privacy feature in favor of wider adoption.

Most platforms need to verify each user’s identity to comply with international regulations and new digital asset laws. This information is often disclosed to third parties.

That might not bother some crypto users and investors. But many might not want others to know how much Bitcoin they own, how much money they earn, or even how they decide to spend their funds. For exactly the same reasons, most people don’t go out on the streets shouting about how much money is in their bank account.

By disassociating your BTC from your identity, you regain your privacy and can use your funds with peace of mind, regardless of where those funds came from.

What are the advantages of using a Bitcoin mixer?

Bitcoin mixers offer several benefits for its users. Here’s how they help:

  • Bitcoin purchases: Users purchasing Bitcoin on U.S. crypto exchanges can use mixers to maintain anonymity and protect their identity.
  • Payments: Individuals getting paid in crypto can keep their wallet addresses confidential.
  • Enhanced privacy: By pooling and redistributing Bitcoins, mixers break the link between sender and recipient, making it difficult for third parties to trace transactions.
  • Security: Mixers add an extra layer of protection by preventing potential tracking and targeting by malicious actors.
  • Financial freedom: Users can conduct transactions without revealing their economic activities.
  • Anonymity: Mixers obscure personal and transaction details.

Are Bitcoin mixers illegal?

No law specifically prohibits Bitcoin mixers. Furthermore, the Bitcoin sent using a Bitcoin mixer cannot be considered illegal without specific evidence to prove the contrary. However, there can be a chance of participating in money laundering by using a Bitcoin mixer. As such, Bitcoin mixers may be a controversial topic to many.

In the U.S., darknet markets that operate with a Bitcoin-tumbling service can lead to imprisonment, as was the case with Helix. Therefore, it is important for companies and services to stay cautious of regulatory compliance.

Are Bitcoin mixers secure?

So long as you choose a reputable Bitcoin mixer, the software will be secure and safe, keeping your identity private while allowing you to regain confidentiality over your crypto transactions. These Bitcoin blenders help users gain 100% anonymity by breaking the connection between a certain Bitcoin address and the identity of its owner.

Bitcoin mixers do not request or store personal details that can link you to a particular Bitcoin address, such as emails or login info, and make those coins untraceable and safe.

Bitcoin mixers: A crucial privacy tool

You should now have a better understanding of how the best Bitcoin tumblers work and know some of the features of the best Bitcoin mixers you can use in 2024. Remember that choosing to use one Bitcoin mixer over another is a personal choice based on your individual needs. Despite the outdated perception and associations attached to the search for anonymity, people with a myriad of motivations can enjoy online privacy when transferring crypto by using a Bitcoin mixer.

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