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LBank Crypto Exchange to Add Ethereum Blockchain’s New Store of Value Token

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Mollars (MOLLARS) is making waves ahead of its highly anticipated Initial Coin Offering (ICO) set for June 1st.

Positioned as a Store of Value (SOV), the soon-to-release Bitcoin alternative has captured significant attention for its groundbreaking and scarcity-focused approach, distinguishing itself from other cryptocurrencies. That approach has garnered approval of another crypto exchange, LBank, who’s announced they will list $MOLLARS come June 1st.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, Mollars token is engineered to be deflationary over time.   This is much in part to its limited token supply of just 10 million tokens and equal opportunity trading policy. This strategic model has already yielded success during the project’s presale phase, raising over $1.3 million, and continuing to grow daily.

Token wise, crypto investors have already acquired rights to over 2.1-million tokens.  A total of over 70% of the supply allocated for the discounted presale, the last 30% could sell out any day now.

According to tokenomics, the founder nor developers will be given ‘free tokens,’ unlike what Bitcoin (BTC) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) did in secrecy.  Instead, a small percentage of ICO funds will be used  to pay the professionals involved with development of the project for their services and  ‘knowing’ they’ve created one of the greatest cryptos to date on Ethereum blockchain.

The ‘no coins free’ clause gives investors the confidence of knowing there can be no post-listing rug pulls nor manipulation.   It prevents market influence from greedy founders, who don’t deserve the power of liquidating billions of dollars in money they never earned.

Another attractive & influential factor of the token to investors, when compared to lead rival Bitcoin, is Mollars transaction fees.   It is a digital store of value asset, like $BTC, but based on a much more modernized blockchain that is likely to cost up to -80% for trading actions [buy,sell,etc].

Bitcoin’s blockchain, as of 2023, was the most expensive of all in the cryptosphere.   Now, 250-million users will have the option of storing value without crossing-chains.  And also, others who want to trade cross-chain can still cross to Ethereum-blockchain for a lesser cost.

LBank’s 7-Million Users Could Push Mollars Into A Parabolic Uptrend

The recent news of Mollars securing a listing on LBank, a well established cryptocurrency exchange, has generated new excitement within the digital currency community as well.  The nearly decade old crypto exchange has over 7-million users it’s going to introduce to Mollars finite token supply.  

If the audience begins to buy quickly, the price of Mollars could be driven upwards in a parabolic growth as only 10-million tokens are to be minted ever. 

Extreme scarcity and large audiences creating new demand is a recipe for massive ROI yields.

This listing not only exposes Mollars to a diverse global investor base but also signals potential demand surges for MOLLARS tokens, boosting liquidity and market engagement.

LBank’s sterling reputation as a secure and reliable platform further bolsters Mollars credibility in association. Both seasoned traders and newcomers, once skeptical, are forced to accept the legitimacy of this new Bitcoin alternative. 

Come June 1st, LBank exchange’s robust infrastructure and user-friendly interface are going to open a seamless trading experience to token presale buyers. However, HODLing will be the smart thing to do until all exchanges have listed the token as its highly plausible Mollars will reach over 250-million traders over time.

Remarkable Expansion

Cryptocurrency experts are optimistic about Mollars trajectory, with price projections hinting at a potential hyperparabolic surge in 2024. This optimistic outlook stems from the ERC-20 token’s scarcity-driven model, deflationary strategies, and its strategic positioning as a challenger to Bitcoin’s dominance in the Store of Value sector.

As the countdown to the ICO launch progresses, investors are eyeing an initial 12% return on investment, but more importantly is the long-term forecasts. An anticipated launch price of $0.62 per token is an easy ‘grab’ but that can be surpassed.

Closing Thoughts

Mollars current Initial coin offering event, which is to be followed by a listing on LBank, signifies a significant milestone in its journey to redefine the cryptocurrency landscape. 

With a robust strategic framework, scarcity-driven design, and promising price projections, Mollars presents a compelling opportunity for anyone. As the crypto market evolves, the ‘new Bitcoin killer’ stands poised to make a lasting impact, attracting interest and investment from a wide range of stakeholders.

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