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Lapin Mignon: The Trailblazer

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A leading figure in the Crypto Art movement, Lapin Mignon hails from France but has found her creative playground in the United Kingdom. Her foray into digital art began in 2019, sparked by her longing to revisit a childhood passion she had put aside as adult responsibilities beckoned. Discovering Editional—an avant-garde app offering a platform for creating and trading limited edition artworks on the blockchain—Lapin Mignon serendipitously became the world’s inaugural crypto watercolorist.

As part of BeInCrypto’s 5-year celebrations, the talented Lapin Mignon joins a cast of 14 NFT artists who will create unique pieces for the occasion. The art pieces will celebrate different backgrounds and heritages and speak to BeInCrypto’s identity and global reach

Using cutting-edge digital technology, she transcends traditional boundaries of watercolor art. With each piece, she inquires into the possibilities of harmonizing watercolor with the digital metaverse and vice versa—infusing old-school techniques with groundbreaking innovation.

The Mignon Universe: An aesthetic odyssey

The body of Lapin Mignon’s work is a portal into an artistic cosmos of her own making, characterized by what she coins as “Mignon Art.” Featuring characters known as the Mignons, their kawaii-style eyes serve as an emblematic symbol rooted in pop culture. These characters appear in her thematic collections, such as “The Crypto Mignons” and “Mignon Generated.”

In collaboration with Tagachi in December 2021, the artist went beyond visual aesthetics to conceptualize the “MignonVerse,” a novel generative art initiative and an interactive, narrative metaverse. Situated on the Ethereum blockchain, this project fuses elements of classic literature—namely Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince” and works by Jules Verne—into an entrancing storyline featuring an astronomy buff named Lapin Mignon on an imagination-bound voyage.

The MignonVerse materializes in three phases. Initially, 7,777 distinct worlds are conceived and minted. Subsequently, the environments in these worlds start to evolve, unveiling new functionalities or surprise encounters, such as a visit from a Mignon Traveller or a shooting star. Ultimately, these individual worlds gain the capability for mutual interaction.

Beyond the screen: A real-world impact

Lapin Mignon’s ingenuity hasn’t been confined to the digital realm—it has infiltrated physical art galleries and auction houses. As a testament to her pioneer status, her art found a home at Avant Galerie Vossen in Paris for the May 2022 “#Trashart: NFT Garbology” exhibition—a spotlight on Trash Art, a pivotal movement in Crypto Art. Additionally, her piece from the “AquaBizzare” series found a buyer through Fauve Paris auction house.

In 2022, Lapin Mignon showcased her art at the Sheptytsky Museum in Lviv, Ukraine, and participated in esteemed industry events like NFT London and CADAF in New York. Sharing the limelight with artists like Trevor Jones, Angie Taylor, George Boya, Kevin Abosh, and Giant Swan, Lapin Mignon was also featured among the top 50 crypto artists in the book “CryptoART begins,” available on Nifty Gateway in September 2022.

Embark on a Journey into the Digital Alchemy with Lapin Mignon and Zealy’s NFT Collection!

To celebrate the endlessly fascinating world of digital art, Lapin Mignon has collaborated with 14 artists to craft an NFT collection that promises to be a paragon of thematic richness and aesthetic diversity. But wait, there’s more! Venture into Zealy’s interactive questboard, complete intriguing challenges, and earn the chance to unlock a complimentary mint from this exclusive series. Witness the amalgamation of deeply-rooted philosophical themes and cutting-edge digital craftsmanship. Are you prepared to explore? Begin your odyssey at Zealy. The future of multi-faceted art awaits!

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