Keep3r Network Token Pumps 3,000% after DeFi Farmers FOMO into Launch

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In Brief
  • KP3R token prices skyrocket hours after launch.

  • Decentralized jobs platform Keep3r Network goes live.

  • Andre Cronje's Midas touch continues to induce crypto FOMO.

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The latest token launch from Yearn Finance’s Andre Cronje has seen an expected rush of FOMO from farmers causing prices to pump.

The KP3R token associated with Cronje’s new Keep3r Network jobs platform was launched on Uniswap on Oct 28 and started trading at around $10.

Within six hours it had pumped to $150, and a few hours after that KP3R topped out just north of $180 before starting to pull back some. Prices continued surging afterward, however, and at the time of press, the token was trading hands for $302.

It wasn’t only DeFi farmers that hurried into throwing money at the new token, some of the bigger names in the crypto community were also a little sore that they missed out on a quick return;

Keep3r Network Launch

The KP3R token is part of Cronje’s latest project, Keep3r Network, which is essentially a gig-economy styled jobs platform governed by smart contracts. The ecosystem is being powered by KP3R tokens which will be issued as rewards for job completion.

The nomenclature includes ‘Keepers,’ which are external people or blockchain project teams that complete a job, and the ‘Jobs’ which refers to smart contracts that are set up to source an external entity to perform an action.

As reported by BeInCrypto, the project was developed quietly in order to prevent another Eminence debacle which resulted in hacked smart contracts and the loss of $15 million in funds.

In a recent blog post announcing that the Keep3r Network v1 contracts have been released, Cronje cautioned that the contracts have been audited and reviewed, but that does not mean that bugs wouldn’t still be present.

The Midas Touch

Members of the crypto community pointed out that the token deployer, Cronje, could easily net a monumental profit by cashing out and arbitraging at the opportune time:

Contrary to the FOMO that occurred within hours of the token launch, Cronje maintains he does not encourage speculation even though this is exactly what has happened on several occasions;

“I build for developers. My core goal is tooling, to enable other developers to easily be able to use/inherit templates I design and create products out of that.”

The fact that Cronje seems to have the Midas touch for any token or crypto project is an added bonus.

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