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Investors looking at Polygon, Solana and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

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As the total crypto market cap climbs back over $1tn, Polygon uses the moment to launch several improvements. Polygon Nightfall, Supernets and Plasma Cash launched and already live, giving businesses an affordable blockchain network to build on. Solana´s mobile phone SAGA is ready to buy in a week and Orbeon Protocol leads the way into a new era of crowdfunding and is democratizing the investment world with a price of $0.0921 which is a 2203% increase.

Here we explore what is going on. 


Polygon rides the wave 

Polygon Nightfall enables businesses to access affordable blockchain technology with immutable privacy. Parallel, Polygon Network implemented Plasma, which runs on EVM, provides the blockchain with ways for scalability. Built on state-based sidechains it provides generic smart contracts but with the public ‘CheckPoint Layer’, which works on periodic intervals and offers high network speeds, while publishing the checkpoints in batches. 

Plasma Cash provides an additional advantage; MATIC uses checkpoints for 1-second block times on the PoS layer. Plasma Cash operates with NFTs and is primed to be used for game cards and social state changes, where pre-defined fees are common. 

Polygon remains outstanding with its unique scaling approach while attaining an optimum decentralization. Polygon introduced also Supernets, a customizable blockchain powered by Polygon Edge, offering the ability to build and launch blockchains for specific user needs. This is possible by the use of a modular framework to support different infrastructure. 

The main target of MATIC is to decrease the high fees while providing scaling solutions for independent projects. This leaves Polygon with limitless potential and enables decentralized exchanges to offer cheap transactions for users while becoming more attractive and secure for investors. 


Solana Mobile reveals Saga smartphone launch date

Long-awaited, Solana Mobile has finally announced the launch of its Saga smartphone for next week. The Solana smartphone will be available from March 21st, but it is currently only available for pre-order on the website. 

The Saga smartphone offers plenty of Web3 features, enabling anyone to build their own accessories. According to Solana Mobile, the Saga smartphone is designed to securely transact in Web3, trade or mint NFTs, play on-chain games and access dApps as well as Saga Pass. Tests show that the Saga phone has the best camera, storage and processor on the market and offers a premium hardware experience. 

The announcement led to a more than 10% increase in SOL price and it is currently trading at $22.18 with a 90% increase in trading volume at the time of writing.


Orbeon Protocol shows real potential

Orbeon Protocol gives companies the opportunity to leverage blockchain technology to raise funds from a wide range of investors. NFTs-as-a-Service are used to represent the fractionalized ownership stake in a project. Orbeon Protocol has the potential to permanently change the fundraising process by benefiting both investors and enterprises. 

NFTs-as-a-Service lower business investment costs and the use of smart contracts offers the possibility to implement security features like Orbeon Protocols’ “Fill or Kill” mechanism to protect funds. This assures investors of an immediate return of capital if the funding target is not met in time. The advantage of automation through smart contracts makes it incredibly easier for startups to raise capital and provide trust and transparency through Orbeon Protocol. 

The Orbeon Protocol ecosystem features staking rewards and discounts on fees and provides a launchpad, an easy-to-use wallet, Orbeon Swap and metaverse applications. These unique features give Orbeon Protocol real potential to democratize the fundraising process. ORBN is right now in stage 11 of presale, increased by over 2203% from its initial price.

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