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Internet Computer (ICP) Launches Roadmap, Will Bet on Blockchain and AI Interoperability

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In Brief

  • Internet Computer unveils roadmap, focusing on blockchain and AI interoperability, and promises many improvements.
  • Key areas include computing platform, privacy, chain fusion, decentralized AI, and developer experience, all with ideal tools.
  • Despite innovations presented, Internet Computer (ICP) token value remains unchanged at $12.02, in a clear bearish trend.
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The Internet Computer (ICP) presented its roadmap where it revealed that it will maintain its commitment to execute artificial intelligence (AI) on the blockchain. In the roadmap, ICP admitted that the world “has changed,” but its goal remains “the same.”

The team explained that it aims to realize blockchain’s uniqueness, where humanity’s services and operations are reinvented and built. To achieve this, the team will work simultaneously on improvements and “constant progress.”

Internet Computer Presents Roadmap

DFINITY Foundation, the parent company of Internet Computer blockchain, expressed their thoughts on this updated roadmap.

“Unveiling the Year 4 Roadmap and key milestones for ICP, the only third-gen blockchain. The World Computer is all set to bring all services and operations on-chain,” DFINITY explained.

The roadmap established new focus areas such as computing platforms, privacy, chain fusion, decentralized AI, and improving the developer experience. Additionally, it will focus on improving platform decentralization, identity, governance, tokenomics, and digital assets.

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Its approach to ICP as a computing platform seeks to achieve two milestones—Tokamak and Stellaratos. The first will seek to reduce latency to provide an “excellent” user experience. Meanwhile, the second will focus on working with large amounts of data with a new storage layer greater than 1 terabyte (TB).

Furthermore, its decentralized AI will address two areas: Cyclotron and Gyrotron. In the first area, chain inference will be used to improve performance in larger models in smart contracts. In the second, AI will be used to train chain models and smart contracts.

The third objective will be the fusion of chains for the interoperability of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and it will include three milestones: Tritium, Deuterium, and Helium.

Tritium will allow ICP to interact with ETH and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts. Deuterium will seek chain fusion to support Bitcoin operations. Meanwhile, Helium will bring Solana closer to ICP.

The privacy challenge will use smart contracts to implement DApps. To achieve this, DFINITY detailed that its Niobium program will provide security between DApps in ICP through its verifiably encrypted threshold key solution.

This decentralization milestone will focus on two aspects. The first is Solenoid and will decentralize the operation of ICP boundary nodes. The second, Levitron, will use trusted execution environments called AMD SEV-SNP (secure encrypted display with AMD processors).

The Internet Computer Team Promises Substantial Change

The identity approach will be privacy-preserving, autonomous, and easy to use through a password-based authentication solution. For this he designed Separatrix, which will introduce verifiable credentials and identity attributes.

In digital assets, Internet Computer will seek to make ICP an attractive platform for creating wallets and multi-chain solutions. To achieve this, it will rely on two milestones: Toroidal and Poloidal. The first will focus on Oisy, a smart contract wallet, and the second will focus on Orbit, a comprehensive digital asset framework.

For its governance model, ICP will use its two governance systems: its NNS DAO, which governs the protocol, and the SNS, which functions as a toolbox to create a DAO that governs individual DApps. Here it will include Plasma, its milestone to advance the decentralization of ICP’s “liquid democracy.”

Finally, Internet Computer will work on improving the developer experience by developing an inclusive protocol that preserves quality. To do this, it will rely on Beryllium, which will substantially improve the life cycle of developer projects through a powerful registry infrastructure.

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ICP Price Performance.
ICP Price Performance. Source: BeInCrypto

The market did not react positively to Internet Computer’s new roadmap, as the ICP token remains at $12.02, the same level it reached 15 weeks ago. However, the roadmap appears promising and offers long-term benefits.

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