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Internet Computer (ICP) Price Prediction 2023/2025/2030

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by Ish Bautista
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There is no shortage of high-quality blockchains and crypto projects to invest in. But not many come close to Internet Computer (IC) when it comes to web3 and smart contracts. We will consider Internet Computer and its native token, ICP, as we build an ICP price prediction model for short and long-term investors. 

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Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using fundamental analysis

But why Internet Computer (ICP)? Run by the DFINITY Foundation, Internet Computer is a decentralized platform that lets you run DApps at scale. They have well-fed canisters that act as smart contracts. Internet Computer has the technology to usher us into the era of the new internet, with decentralized experiences and endless scaling. Any app or even metaverse service can use an Internet Computer as its backbone. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With functionalities such as these, the mainnet and the native token ICP are expected to maintain relevance. So, let us delve into this Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction piece and understand more about its fundamentals and price charts.

Before we move to the price action, here are the project’s fundamentals:

  1. Internet Computer aims to become a world computer of sorts, helping users transition from web2 to web3.
  2. It is the first blockchain offering to provide end-to-end and total decentralization without needing server-based resources and centralized services. 
  3. ICP, the native token, is used up during computations. Hence, the higher the network adoption, the more deflationary ICP can get.
  4. The DAO managing the Internet Computer blockchain supports ICP staking. 
  5. It also works as a store of value.
  6. It is a truly decentralized blockchain comprising subnet blockchains. 
  7. Motoko and Rust are the programming languages meant for developing IC smart contracts. 
  8. It has Andreessen Horowitz as one of the investors.
ICP investors
ICP investors: Messari

If you want to get into the more technical aspects of the Internet Computer blockchain, check this whitepaper. 

Full. Stack. Decentralization. How could web3/crypto aim for anything less?

Dominic Williams, Founder of the Internet Protocol: X

Internet Computer is a unique blockchain, and the price action is likely to kick off once web3 becomes mainstream.

Did you know? Internet Computer uses the Chain Key Technology to achieve breakneck speed and scalability. This technology works by letting devs split smart contract function execution into update calls and query calls.

Internet Computer (ICP) tokenomics

ICP’s launch style was primarily private sales and airdrops. Still, the Dfinity foundation and team members hold almost 42% of the total supply. This might be a red flag, especially if selling pressure comes knocking. 

Here is how the three funding rounds went down for ICP:

ICP token sale
ICP token sale: Messari

Here is the initial breakdown of supply, with almost 37% going to retail investors.

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using supply breakdown
Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using supply breakdown: Messari

Internet Computer price prediction using market cap and trading volume

The market cap and trading volume comparison of ICP can help us understand how volatile the ICP is today compared to its peak. We analyzed the same once in 2022, and now we are back to it in 2024:

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using market cap: Messari
Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using market cap 2022: Messari

ICP’s peak market cap: $53.02 billion on May 11, 2021. 

Trading volume at that point: $1.67 billion

Turnover ratio: volume/market cap = 0.03

Market cap in 2022: $1.15 billion

Trading volume in 2022: $21.43 million 

Turn-over ratio = 0.018

Market cap in 2024: $6.06 billion

Trading volume in 2024: $119.31 million 

Turn-over ratio = 0.019

Hence, ICP is currently more volatile, considering the lower turnover ratio compared to the peak levels. This might favor the price of ICP tokens, provided we get the right indications on the smaller timeframe. This aligns with the massive price surge experienced by ICP tokens over the past few months, as of February 2024.

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using on-chain metrics

If you look at this development-specific blockchain ecosystem and its data, you will notice a surge in development activity over the past few months.

ICP development activity: Santiment
ICP development activity: Santiment

Here is what we inferred in 2022:

The activity levels seem to rise steadily, making ICP a decent investment option. Even the short-term price action might turn positive if the rate of development continues. 

ICP development activity in 2024: Santiment

As you can see, in 2024, the development activity has peaked, taking the prices higher:

ICP Binance Funding Rate: Santiment
ICP Binance funding rate: Santiment

The funding rate (specific to Binance) seems negative till early November. This means short-term price bets look more desirable than long-term, Futures-specific calls.

ICP funding rate in 2024: Santiment

Also, the funding rates in 2024 have improved, making us even more bullish regarding ICP’s long-term price action.

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using social activity

The social volumes picked up for ICP in 2022, especially from late September onwards. November saw a surge in social volume growth, making the short-term outlook of ICP tokens positive. 

ICP price prediction social activity
Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using social activity: Santiment

It is 2024, and the social volumes have started to climb again, making the outlook positive all over again:

Social volume: Santiment
Social volume: Santiment

Here are some more insights that signaled the possibility of a price surge for ICP in 2023. And our expectations did hold as ICP even breached the $10 mark in 2023.

Also, despite the price drop in early November, ICP is experiencing a steady growth in the number of active Reddit users. This is likely thanks to the FTX collapse.

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction  reddit users
Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction and Reddit users: Messari

The social metrics look bullish. They are not enough to propel ICP to a maximum price of 100 dollars. But we cannot deny a short-term positive effect.

ICP price prediction using technical analysis

ICP is a groundbreaking decentralized project. While that instills confidence, we need more information to produce a detailed ICP price prediction. Let’s take a look at the charts, starting with a quick short-term analysis:

ICP price prediction in 2024: Short-term analysis

A quick daily chart of ICP-USDT reveals that a possible cup-and-handle might be in the works. A breach above the $14 mark could signal a clear handle formation, pushing ICP toward a crucial resistance zone of $21. However, the RSI must break past 65 for the breakout pattern to complete.

ICP short-term price prediction: TradingView

Let us now shift our attention to the historical patterns from 2022, on which we have based our ICP price prediction.

ICP long-term analysis: Charts and more

Here is the ICP daily chart:

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using TradingView
Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using the daily chart: TradingView

We have A as the starting point, as this is the point where the prices stabilized initially. If we look closely, there is a trend to identify.

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using daily chart
Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction and all highs: TradingView

ICP starts from A and makes multiple swing highs until F and G.

At G, something interesting happens. Notice that F and G are at the same levels, price-wise. Hence, we can assume that G is the starting point for a new pattern as ICP that follows the same path from F to A. F-E-D-C-B-A. Consider G as F of the previous pattern. 

Here is what the pattern might look like for ICP:

We can name the new, probable points E1, D1, C1, B1, and A1.

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using bar pattern
Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction and the bar pattern: Messari

Distance between the highs

Outlook: Bullish

Now, to prepare an ICP price prediction model from 2023 to 2035, we first need to plot the points of the first pattern, F to A.

F to E = 66 days and a 143.52% growth

E to D = 82 days and a 62.28% growth

D to C = 58 days and a 53.38% grown

C to B = 63 days, and a 49.77% growth 

B to A = 95 days and a 57.24% growth

Here are the plot screenshots:

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using high to high
Distance between highs ICP: TradingView
Distance between highs ICP: TradingView
High to high ICP price prediction: TradingView

Now, if we take the average time and growth of all the points, we get the following:

Time: 72.8 or 73 days

Growth %: 73.23 or 73%

Going by the pattern, ICP was supposed to reach $17.21 by October. Instead, it dropped to $3.5 due to bear. However, the pattern still holds. This time, the first level of breach for ICP would be $9.858. Only after reaching there can it move along the projected path from G.

Failed price prediction due to November crash: TradingView
Failed price prediction due to November crash: TradingView

Distance between lows and highs

Outlook: Bullish

Now let us mark the lowest point between F and E as X. From X to E, ICP takes 38 days and grows by 289.33%. 

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction using low-to-high
Distance between the lows: TradingView

Let us plot other lows to highs to get an average of sorts:

X to E = 38 days

T to D = 50 days

Z to C = 42 days

O to B = 51 days

So the average comes out to be 45 days

Now, let us look at the low from G to the expected new level. After reaching G, the lowest price of ICP was $3.48. So, it might take 45 days for ICP to move to the next high. However, before the projected high, ICP must try to break the strong resistance lines (formed by the previous lows). This is the only chance it has of moving higher.

Hence, from low-to-high projection and forecasting, ICP might be able to reach the first high of $6.057 in 45 days. ICP might reach this level by Dec. 25, 2022 if there is a short rally at the counter. 

Here is the projected path:

ICP price prediction plotting the first high: TradingView
ICP price prediction plotting the first high: TradingView

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2023

Do note that ICP went as high as $15 and a bit more to successfully reach and better our price target of $9.85. Here is what we analyzed:

If the future price of ICP is $6.057 by the end of December or early January, the next immediate target is $9.85. To get to the timeframe, let us see how much time it took from G to the next low of $3.5. The same path can be retraced if the market conditions get better. 

So the distance is 105 days.

Hence, ICP can reach $9.85 in 105 days from the earlier low. Here is the projected path:

The low in 2023 can be anywhere around $6.260. The reason here is the support lines that the ICP chart has in plenty. $6.260 is very strong support and might help ICP stay above the previous low X.

Also, if we refer to the table above, the average time from a high to a low is 45 days. Hence, the low can be anywhere around April 10, 2023. 

Here is the projected path:

Probable Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2023: TradingView
Probable Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2023: TradingView

Additional calculations

However, as per the previous pattern, the high-to-high timeframe is 73 days on average. But then, the market cap of ICP is way less as compared to during the previous pattern. 

Let us take the first market cap reference point to be B: Sept. 6, 2021.

On this day, the market cap was: $12.46 billion.

As of today, the trading volume is $1.16 billion. Hence, the ratio is 10.74.

This means instead of 73 days to reach the next high, ICP might take 73 x10.74 (784) days to reach the next high of 73%. But this is only if the current market conditions persist. 

It is safe to assume that the maximum price of ICP in 2023 might be $9.85. The minimum price of ICP tokens in 2023 might show up at $6.260.

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2023 multiple points: TradingView
Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2023 multiple points: TradingView

Short-term validation

Outlook: Bullish

The short-term price chart shows ICP trading in a descending wedge (broadening) pattern. This is a bullish pattern, and there are chances ICP will breach the upper bullish trendline to move up.

ICP price prediction using RSI and moving averages: TradingView
ICP price prediction using RSI and moving averages: TradingView

However, for that to hold, keep a close eye on the moving averages, especially the green (50-day) line and blue (100-day) line. If the green line can cross over the blue line, we can expect ICP to move higher. Even the RSI or the momentum indicator trades in positive and bullish territory. 

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2024

Considering the fact that our ICP exceeded our 2023 predictions, we can expect the 2024 price prediction level to surface at $20.925. This is considering the cup-and-handle pattern, as predicted by our short-term analysis in 2024, holds.

Project ROI from current level: 61%%

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2025

Outlook: Very Bullish

In case ICP traces a high of $20.925 in 2024, we can expect some correction at the counter starting in 2025.

If we trace the path, it comes out to be like this:

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2025: TradingView
Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2025: TradingView

So the next projected high, as per Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2025, would settle at $17.024 on April 17, 2025.

Using the data from the previous pattern, the next low could show up within 45 days from 17 April.

Let us see how much ICP tokens dipped from 2023’s high to 2023’s low. From $9.85 to $6.250, the drop was 36.53%. Hence, if the uptrend continues, the maximum ICP could drop in 2025 is 36.53%.

Hence, the 2025 low comes to $10.82 on June 3, 2025.

Project ROI from current level: 31%

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2030

Outlook: Very bullish

Now that we have some clarity on ICP prices till 2025, it is appropriate to extrapolate further and plot the path till 2030. 

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2027
Internet Computer (ICP) Price Prediction 2027: TradingView

Do note that 2030 is quite far off, so the initial pattern wouldn’t really work. We would have to plot the path as per the recent time frame. Taking that into consideration, let us add the Fib indicator to the last high of 2025.

Also, if the same path is retraced — 784 days and a 73% upmove — we can expect the ICP ton to reach $29.552 in 2027. This level is a tad higher than the 61.80% Fib level of 28.493. The low for 2027 can be at the 78.60% Fib level of $23.45. 

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2029
Internet Computer (ICP) Price Prediction 2029: TradingView

Now let us put the Fib indicator on 2027 high. Tracing the same path of 784 days and a 73% upward move, we get a high of $51.169 by Aug. 18, 2029.

Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction 2030
Internet Computer (ICP) Price Prediction 2030: TradingView

For 2030, the projected price comes to $58.144. The low that year could be around the $44 mark, which comes at a 61.80% retracement as per the Fib indicator. 

Project ROI from current level: 348%

Internet Computer (ICP) long-term price prediction (up to 2035)

Outlook: Very bullish

Until 2023, the prices of ICP look strong and on a linear upmove. However, once it crosses or comes close to the C level, which coincides with $58.443, you can expect Internet Computer (ICP) price forecasts to pick speed. 

Remember the B to C timeframe where ICP moved close to 50% within two months. If the project remains popular by then, we can even expect a 100% yearly move from 2031 onwards.

You can easily convert your ICP to USD

Here is the table:

Year | Maximum price of ICP | Minimum price of ICP
2027$29.552 $23.45
2029 $46.05$28.55
2030 $58.144$44.04

The Internet Computer (ICP) price predictions might change each year depending on ecosystem improvement, social sentiments, and even on-chain metrics. Also, do note that for certain years, the yearly lows are actually placed higher than the previous year’s highs. This can be a bullish sign for Internet Computer (ICP) in the long term.

Is the Internet Computer (ICP) price prediction accurate?

The current ICP price prediction model looks highly realistic. It factors in the current state of the crypto market, takes market cap comparisons into account, and even relies on extensive technical analysis. However, as with any other high-beta asset, the price predictions are subject to change and updates. Therefore, expect us to revisit this piece whenever new information regarding ICP tokens or the ICP project comes to light.

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