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Indonesia Looks to Review Crypto Tax Rules to Capitalize on Bull Market

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In Brief

  • Indonesia reevaluates crypto taxes to match the sector's growth and potential revenue contribution.
  • Nearly $2.5 million collected in crypto tax and VAT in January 2024, highlighting the sector's fiscal impact.
  • A national crypto exchange launched in July 2023, marking a significant step for regulated digital finance.
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Financial regulators in Indonesia have initiated a comprehensive review of the country’s crypto tax regulations. This strategic reassessment underscores its commitment to fostering a robust digital economy while ensuring the sector contributes equitably to the nation’s coffers.

Since May 2022, Indonesia has levied a value-added tax (VAT) of 0.11% alongside a 0.1% income tax on all crypto transactions conducted within its borders.

Indonesia Ponders Beefing Up Crypto Tax Laws as Markets Boom

This tax regime is now being reevaluated to ensure its alignment with the industry’s growth.

Tirta Karma Senjaya, Bappebti’s Head of Market Development and Supervision, emphasized the critical juncture at which the crypto industry stands.

“As crypto transitions into a recognized sector within the financial industry, we anticipate the Directorate General of Taxes to undertake a thorough evaluation of the existing tax framework,” he articulated.

This call for reevaluation is driven by the recognition that, despite being in its nascent stages, the crypto sector is poised for significant growth. Consequently, regulators feel that it holds the potential to contribute substantially to Indonesia’s revenue through taxation.

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The urgency for this review is further justified by the impressive tax revenue figures. Suryo Utomo, the Director General of Taxes, announced that the Directorate General of Taxes had amassed nearly $2.5 million between the crypto tax and VAT in January 2024. This sum underscores the significant fiscal contribution of the digital asset domain to the Indonesian economy.

Data from Statista found that in 2023, Indonesia ranked as one of the top countries in terms of crypto ownership and use.

Population percentage that either owned or used cryptocurrencies. Source: Statista
Population percentage that either owned or used cryptocurrencies. Source: Statista

Indonesia has made significant strides in its digital finance sector over the years. July 2023 marked one of the most significant milestones with the launch of a national cryptocurrency asset exchange. According to the agency’s head, Didid Noordiatmoko

“The establishment of the exchange, clearing, and crypto asset storage place management is proof of the government’s presence in efforts to create a fair and just crypto asset trading ecosystem to ensure legal certainty and prioritize protection for the public as customers.”

The establishment of this exchange has been likened to the operational model of the New York Stock Exchange. It represents a pivotal step toward integrating safe and regulated crypto asset trading into Indonesia’s financial ecosystem.

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