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If Only the Game of Thrones NFT Launch Was as Good as the Series

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In Brief

  • The Game of Thrones official NFT collection "Build Your Realm" completely sold out in seven hours on Nifty's NFT marketplace.
  • However, the artwork has been widely denounced online, provoking anger and ridicule.
  • DAZ 3D, an creative studio for NFTs that created the project, claimed that one notable design flaw would be fixed and updated automatically.
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The Game of Thrones official NFT collection “Build Your Realm” completely sold out in seven hours after being released yesterday on Nifty’s NFT marketplace.

However, the NFTs themselves look less than great, to put it mildly. Users have been comparing the art to Salad Fingers, the popular internet comedy shorts from the Noughties. DAZ 3D, which made the 3D avatars, said on Twitter that each NFT “was designed, developed, and produced by a global team of Published Artists who for months have been working on producing this collection!”

The artwork itself tells a very different story about a lack of care and quality control. Regarding the strange “Salad Fingers” (or “longclaw”) effect, DAZ 3D claimed the error will be “will be fixed and updated automatically.” BeInCrypto reached out to ask how these errors made it into the finished product. At the time of writing, there has been no response.

Loopify, a pseudonymous account for the co-founder of Web3 game project Treeverse, referred to them as “the worst thing I have ever seen.”

Fans Complained Of Delayed Minting And Poor Artwork

The drop has provoked a lively conversation on crypto Twitter and the drop’s official Discord. One Discord user offered their own investment advice and said, “whatever you do, don’t buy when [people] are fudding/not paying attention to the project.”

Another Discord user complained that the end product – and its resale ability – was not what was promised. “Pretty lame you can’t buy with cards from [the] secondary market. The Nifty boss was bragging during these Twitter spaces [that] nifty is so user friendly and all focused on the user experience but I can only pay with ETH on this marketplace. They only take cards for the initial sale. What gives?”

Another disgruntled buyer told BeInCrypto that the creators “show a lack of interest to build something in Web3. The art [says] it all!”

There have also been complaints about delayed minting. One Twitter user said they waited an hour to be told of yet more delays. Another claimed that by the time they received their NFTs, the floor price had already dropped. Nifty’s announced that it had paused the collection due to delays.

The Game Of Thrones Drop Was Announced Last November

The NFT launch was first announced in November, after the final episode of HBO’s ‘House Of The Dragon’ concluded. The announcement was met with a muted response from inside and outside the NFT community. NFT projects linked to big IPs have attracted less interest since the market crash and the subsequent drop in NFT prices last year. 

The Hero Box contains one Hero Avatar, three Story Cards, and nine Resource Cards and costs $150 (0.11% ETH). A presale of 3,450 Hero Boxes was followed by a public sale of 1,500 Hero Boxes four hours later.

Warner Brothers Discovery, who are behind the project, had initially been planned for late 2022, but only launched on January 10, 2023. 


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