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Grand Time AMA Session With BeInCrypto

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Grand Time is a blockchain-powered decentralized time ecosystem. BeInCrypto spoke with the CMO and COO of the project in an exclusive AMA session.

(This AMA has been edited for clarity)

Today we welcome both Maxym (@maxym_sereda) and Rafael (@RafaelZeitunian) who are CMO and COO of Grand Time, respectively.

COMMUNITY: Here is how things will work. I’ll have some questions for them. Our chat will then be open for you to drop your questions so that they can pick up some questions out of all the ones you asked. Good luck to you all.

BeInCrypto: Can you give us an intro to your professional backgrounds?

Maxym: I have over eight years of experience in marketing & product branding, over four years of crypto and blockchain experience, and several successful entrepreneurial experiences.

I’m responsible for Grand Time ecosystem branding, marketing and products development. I’ve been in the Grand Time project for more than four years, from the beginning. Currently, my partners and I are located in Silicon Valley, California.

BeInCrypto: Can you briefly introduce the history of the project and what GRAND TIME is now? What problem does it solve?

Maxym and Rafael: So the idea behind the Grand Time came to us four years ago. We were previously founders of a successful home service start-up service company in Chicago.

While we were growing this company we noticed that most of the people have to work their asses off to make money for a living. There are a lot of people who live under the poverty line.

They lack financial education and community support and, as a result, do not have ways to make more money and enjoy life. At the same time, we were diving into the crypto and blockchain world.

We have decided to create a very special project that will resolve these problems.

This is how we came up with the Grand Time project that provides people access to a community of like-minded people, one-on-one financial Lectures for cryptocurrency basics, and the ability to perform simple gigs on the platform to earn crypto & easily exchange it for money all in one platform.

Right now Grand time is a Web 3.0 community-driven crypto network with over 26k+ active users from 88 countries, 15% month-over-month organic growth, and over $2M in Token Earnings for its community.

Hopefully, I was able to briefly introduce you to the history of Grand Time.

BeInCrypto: Can you introduce us to the products the Grand Time ecosystem has launched and will launch in the future? Is there already a working product?

Maxym and Rafael: Grand Time is not just a single solution – it’s a vast ecosystem consisting of different decentralized products empowered by Grand Token.

Six of them have been launched and actively used by our over 26,000 community members. We are constantly improving them for a better user experience. The other four are in development and will be launched within the next two years, according to our project roadmap.
Live products:

  • Grand Social Mining
  • Grand School
  • Grand Wallet
  • Grand Messenger
  • Grand Exchange Platform
  • Grand Launchpad Platform

Products in the development stage:

  • Grand DEX Exchange (Partnership)
  • Grand NFT Marketplace (Partnership)
  • Grand VR & AR Crypto School
  • Grand Terminal & Mainnet

You can find more details in our roadmap:

Or just check our whitepaper.

BeInCrypto: Can you explain the tokenomics of the GRAND token?

Maxym and Rafael: Grand Token has revolutionary tokenomics with a daily limited token supply. Let me try to thoroughly explain as it is a very unique and important moment to understand:

Most of the projects in the crypto ecosystem have a limited supply. Some projects issue 100 billion tokens in ten years, and some issue one billion tokens at one time.

In Grand Time, we have a different approach. We value our time and have compressed it. We have divided it into parts in order to make it more valuable.

On our platform, we can earn at all times: even the smallest part of a day can be turned into tokens. Grand only has a limited supply for one day.

We value time so much, that’s why the daily limit is only ten million. Every day, the limit resets to zero, and every day no more than 10 million Grands are produced. All unused & unmined Grand tokens will be burned as a deflationary mechanism by our smart contract automatically at 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time Zone daily.

Within four years, only 720M+ tokens were minted and earned as social mining rewards by platform users and used for project operations, the rest 13.6B tokens were burned.

As the Grand user base and network scale, more labor is needed to earn one Grand Token. Grand mining rewards are reduced exponentially.

Let me share the illustration of our tokenomics and daily distribution for better understanding:

BeInCrypto: Could you please tell us more about the team and some of their backgrounds?

Maxym and Rafael: We have an in-house team of 25 blockchain & crypto experts with headquarters in 3 different countries, including the US and England.

Moreover, there are 80+ project volunteers who work on the project only for Grand Token rewards.

Our team is fully doxxed, as we understand doxxing increases the trust level of investors & community.

Our whitepaper contains enough information about our team members and their role in the project and on our website you can find information about main team members and their role in the project with links to their social media channels.

By the way, we have a #1 blockchain expert Ian Scarffe recently joined our project as an advisor, and more partnerships with top blockchain experts are coming soon.

BeInCrypto: Mining projects usually have weaknesses that miners only will sell. How does “Grand Time” manage this problem?

Also what other mechanisms and/or systems do you implement to provide stability and maintain the constant deflation of this token and price growth?

Maxym and Rafael: That’s a great question, let me try to cover all solutions that the Grand Time team has developed.

First of all let me remind you that we have a limited daily token supply available per day and with more users, on the platform, it requires more labor to earn one Grand Token and mining rewards are reduced exponentially.

All unused and unearned tokens are burned daily as a deflationary mechanism.

Moreover, the Grand token has tons of utilities and is a reference currency for the equity flow in the whole ecosystem and is actively used in all products, which will significantly decrease the number of tokens that will be sold on exchanges and as a result less volatility.

Our staking programs are unique as well.

Depending on the miner level and the number of earnings, they can perform mining tasks only by staking a certain amount of Grand Tokens in their platform wallets.

Finally, we have specifically developed a “Mined Tokens Exchange Program” that gives back a % of project earnings back to the community by exchanging their mined tokens for other cryptos (USDT, ETH, Matic, BTC)  inside of the platform without moving it on-chain  & selling it on external exchanges.

Furthermore, GRAND Exchange Program works that way, that it burns all deposited Grand tokens as a deflationary mechanism as well. Let me demonstrate it in the infographic that we have designed:

BeInCrypto: Does the Grand Time team participate in crypto events & conferences?

Maxym and Rafael: Absolutely. Our founding team tries to participate in all crypto and blockchain world events, promoting Grand Token and partnering with different VC funds, investors, and famous crypto bloggers, and networking with other crypto projects to bring more value to our project and community.

Let me share photos from the couple of recent conferences in the USA that we have just attended:

BeInCrypto: How can I purchase Grand tokens? What is the current price?

Maxym and Rafael: You can participate in our Grand Token Pre-Sale at the Grand Time Launchpad platform and become an early investor. Here is the link.

The current active phase is 19 out of 201 with a $0.0027 price per 1 Grand Token. The price will increase with every phase until it reaches $0.11 in the last phase. 

When the sale is completed, Grand Token will be listed on popular crypto exchanges for the price of $0.11 per 1 Grand Token.

Here is the link to the video that explains the whole Grand token sale process.

Community questions:

Community: Can you give an overview of your tokenomics and the utility token?

Maxym and Rafael: Here is the link to our explained tokenomics.

Community: Is the project’s community only for English-speaking countries or can people speaking other languages join too?

Maxym and Rafael: We have users from over 88 countries that speak different languages. And yes, we have many groups that speak different languages and I’m sure by joining, you will people that speak your language too

Community: I see that the Grand NFT marketplace is under development right now. What does Grand Time think the future of NFT holds?

What potential does the NFT marketplace hold that Grand Time team wants to elevate?

Maxym and Rafael: The Grand NFT Marketplace will be the most revolutionary NFT platform in the world, as it will be the first NFT marketplace backed by time itself.

One of the main advantages of the Grand NFT Marketplace is that it allows members of the Grand Time community to trade, mint, and exchange three different types of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • NFTs Representing the Blockchain-Enabled Decentralized Time
  • Social Mining NFTs
  • Personal NFTs

By making the process of minting NFTs as easy as possible, we want to give back to the community and help beginners get their first NFTs.

Furthermore, the Grand Time NFT Marketplace will incentivize ecological projects to save the ecosystem of our planet.

Community: What are the ways that generate profits/revenue to maintain your project? What is its revenue model? How can it make a win-win for both investors and your project?

Maxym and Rafael: Great question. For the profit generation, let me share couple of slides from our whitepaper explaining this:

And here is how the community benefits from this. We give a % of our earnings back to the community.

For all the latest news about Grand Time here are the official community pages:

Twitter | LinkedIn | Medium | Telegram | Facebook | Instagram


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