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World’s First True Fractional NFT Real Estate Platform Launches on Polygon

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Updated by Shilpa Lama

Futurent launches the world’s first true fractional NFT (non-fungible tokens) real estate platform, proving to be a pioneer in this sector.

The platform will be available on numerous blockchains, starting with Polygon (MATIC), aimed at Ethereum users who are looking for low-fee network solutions.

One of the most attractive features of this platform is that it allows anyone to purchase or sell fractional NFT real estate, meaning that one piece of property can be shared among several users. Additionally, Futurent is also aiming to provide users with the ability to purchase luxury cars and boats through cryptocurrency. Users’ safety will be secured by Futurent’s DeFi protocols which will facilitate NFT Real Assets ownership rights. 

The Futurent platform

Futurent’s revolutionary platform will allow users who want to invest, sell, buy, or rent real estate, luxury cars, or boats, to make their payments through their website with a variety of cryptocurrencies, including their native token, the $FUTR token.

The benefits of using their native token will be lower gas fees and more rewards for the traders. To offer security, the company will own each property, and ownership rights will be claimed by owning an NFT Brick, which will be tradeable for as little as $500 at any given moment.

Futurent is also offering their users further benefits, by giving them the potential to earn an APY of up to 120% in a flexible monthly, quarterly, or yearly, lock-in period. Each period is thus paired with rewards linked to NFT Lottery Tickets:

  • Luxury trip to Burj Al Arab
  • A premium car (Lamborghini or Tesla)
  • Luxury boats will be soon added to the package. 

Futurent is planning major marketing campaigns, a triple IDO launch, an IEO launch on CEX, a CEX listing, and much more. 

About Futurent

Futurent is a blockchain-based rental & trading platform for real estate & luxury cars, later on adding luxury boats and other goods. It employs DeFi protocols to enable fractional NFT ownership rights of real-world assets in the simplest way possible. Users will also be able to rent listed assets in multiple cryptocurrencies. For more information, please visit Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |Reddit | Medium.


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