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Dorsey-Backed Bitcoin Tipping Enabled ‘Twitter Killer’ Damus Is Live

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In Brief

  • Damus is a new decentralized social media app launched on the Nostr protocol.
  • The protocol was backed by Jack Dorsey, who donated 14 BTC last year.
  • The reaction to the app has been positive, with Snowden and others celebrating the launch.
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The decentralized social media app Damus has launched, making use of the Nostr protocol. The app features Bitcoin tipping and censorship resistance.

Damus, a decentralized social media platform that was partially funded by Jack Dorsey, has launched. The social media platform runs on the Nostr protocol and states that users fully control the network.

Damus App on Apple App Store: App Store
Damus App on Apple App Store: App Store

The project is yet another decentralized Twitter alternative to hit the market. Arguably the biggest name in this list of alternatives is Mastodon, which made headlines when its user base exploded following the Twitter acquisition.

Damus differs from Mastodon primarily because it does not ask users to submit information to register on the platform. Damus is entirely decentralized, and the Nostr protocol communicates messages through decentralized relays.

One of the most notable features of the platform is the fact it allows Bitcoin tipping. These tips are executed through Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, a layer-2 solution that increases throughput.

Damus has already made a name for itself, despite only launching on Feb. 1. The app has already hit the top 10 apps on the social networking chart on the Apple app store. Twitter followers have also jumped following the launch.

Dorsey Funds Nostr, Believes in the Vision

Dorsey funded the project in December 2022, offering 14 BTC, which was a little under $250,000 at the time. He is known to support Bitcoin and decentralized technologies and has moved his focus onto Block, a mobile payment company.

He called the launch of Damus a milestone for open protocols. The platform is certainly in keeping with Dorsey’s personal belief that the internet should be open and free, and is also working on a related protocol Bluesky. As it is, Damus could be a major step forward for a more open social media platform.

Community Welcomes Damus

The community reaction to the launch of Damus is primarily positive, though it is not a unanimous celebration. The project competes with the likes of Mastodon, which also saw explosive growth after users migrated away from Twitter following the Musk acquisition.

Edward Snowden was among those praising the launch of Damus, referring specifically to the Nostr protocol. He praised the lack of a 280-character limit and, of course, the fact that there was no censorship. He also shared his public key on Nostr.

Others posted images highlighting how Damus does not collect any data, which is one of the most prevalent criticisms of other major social media platforms.

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