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US Department of Defense Launches Generative AI Task Force

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In Brief

  • The US Department of Defense has initiated "Task Force Lima" to explore generative AI's potential in enhancing national security.
  • The move comes amid the ongoing AI cold war with China, with the US restricting investment in China's quantum computing and AI firms.
  • Generative AI's potential was recognized after the Pentagon tested large-language models (LLMs) last month, accelerating task completion.
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The US Deputy Security of Defense has approved “Task Force Lima” to explore the use case of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance national security and defense initiatives. 

Generative AI has already been enhancing the work in various sectors. Companies have actively started using the facility to increase their throughput.

Generative AI Boosts National Security

The US Department of Defense has announced the establishment of a generative AI task force. With the technological changes, critical sectors such as defense must stay at par or ahead of adversaries.

US Navy Captain and Task Force Lima mission commander M. Xavier Lugo said:

“The adoption of artificial intelligence in defense is not solely about innovative technology but also about enhancing national security. 

The DoD recognizes the potential of generative AI to significantly improve intelligence, operational planning, and administrative and business processes. However, responsible implementation is key to managing associated risks effectively.”

The development comes after the US Pentagon tested large-language models (LLMs) in last month.  The US military discovered that AI could complete certain tasks in 10 minutes that might normally take hours or even days to complete.

Generative AI tools produce outputs such as text, images, and audio/video based on certain instructions. Chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and the image generator Midjourney are examples of generative AI tools.

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AI Cold War With China 

The US launched a generative AI task force amidst the ongoing artificial intelligence cold war with China. On Wednesday, the Biden government passed orders to ban private equity and venture capital firms from investing in China’s quantum computing, advanced chips, and AI companies.

The US also wants to restrict its export of AI chips to China.

The government believes that China’s progress in these sectors may bring “significant national security risks.” China criticized the orders and said it would take countermeasures.

With the ongoing AI chip war, other countries like Japan also want to strengthen their position. In July, BeInCrypto reported that Japan allocated $6.4 billion to acquire a photoresist producer with a global share of over 30%.

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