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Custom NFT Marketplace Creaticles Launches Rewards System

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Creaticles also continues multi-chain expansion with the integration of Polygon Layer 2, extending partnership opportunities to a global pipeline of projects.

Creaticles, the world’s first NFT Requests Marketplace matching NFT buyers to its roster of verified global artists, has today announced the launch of its brand new Reputation System, Spark.

Through a gamification model, Spark is designed to reward artists’ contributions and talents with an off-chain point system.

By participating in contests, submitting art, and winning contests, artists can supercharge their earning power within the Creaticles ecosystem.

Creaticles is also incorporating Virtual Staking (or In-Wallet Staking) on the off-chain point mechanism, allowing users to virtually stake CRE8 holdings every week in order to access the benefits of the Spark reputation system.

By doing so, users will be eligible to receive rewards in CRE8 tokens and merchandise through Creaticles’ raffle giveaways.

One of the main benefits of this system is that users don’t lose CRE8 in the process and are not required to move their CRE8 holdings to a different smart contract (the CRE8 holdings stay in their own wallet).

Creaticles has also continued its multichain expansion with the integration of Polygon Layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum Blockchain, enabling faster transaction speeds and eliminating transaction costs.

This opens the door for Creaticles to partner with a huge array of projects on the Polygon ecosystem for the launch of NFT contests using the Creaticles platform.

The Creaticles Development team has also spearheaded an overhaul of the platform UI, offering a more contemporaneous and streamlined user experience.

Following the upgrade, user NFTs will be pulled directly from the blockchain, with no local storage. Notifications have been added to alert users on pertinent developments, such as if they have won a contest.

The Spark reputation system will show up in the artist’s user profile, sorting relevant contest submissions by the earliest submission date. Additionally, NFT requesters and artists can now message each other directly, facilitating a more streamlined NFT design process.

Jonathan Chen, Creaticles Head of Operations said: “We were serious when we said we wanted to make NFTs the centerpiece of the Creator Economy. Today’s set of announcements shifts our platform into the next gear, with an enhanced UI and suite of services tailored to the needs of NFT artists across the world.

Continuing our multi-chain expansion mission is so exciting, as we extend the Creaticles value proposition far and wide. With our Spark Reputation system, the global artist community can monetize their talents within the rapidly expanding NFT space, and grow their own brand in the process.”

To date, Creaticles has successfully conducted bespoke NFT contests for top crypto brands such as the Fantom Foundation, FirstBlood, Axie Infinity, Harmony, MakerDAO, Polygon, Mask Network, and Pangolin. The partnership with Fantom represented the first step in Creaticles’ multi-chain expansion plans. 

Creaticles has experienced rapid growth since its testnet launch in August 2021 and was selected as one of eight of the most promising projects in CoinList’s Seed batch for Fall 2021, out of a field of over 500 crypto projects.

Following its mainnet launch in November 2021, the company raised $3.8 million USD in IDO on SushiSwap (MISO) – an investment that will be used for team expansion and marketing activities. 

CRE8, Creaticles’ native utility token, has multiple utilities across payment for art and premium placement, governance voting, rewards for commission collected, as well as staking.

CRE8 is currently listed on Sushiswap,, and MEXC, with more exchange listings earmarked for Q4 2022. 

For the latest information on the Creaticles roadmap and to join the official Discord and Telegram channels, use the following link.

About Creaticles

Creaticles is the blockchain industry’s first custom NFT request platform that connects businesses and individuals with creators. Any enthusiast with an idea can request custom NFTs, and the artists who bring those ideas to life get to build their reputation and earn rewards via cryptocurrencies.

Users can engage in various contest modes to ensure their requests for NFTs  — such as memes, logos, games, and web assets  — are minted as requested. For more information on Creaticles, please visit the website.

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