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What Crypto Marketing Agencies Can Learn from Traditional Advertisers

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In Brief

  • Crypto marketing agencies are urged to integrate self-promotion into daily operations and company culture.
  • Building meaningful relationships with journalists and clients is key, as is creating a consistent brand image.
  • Agencies must define their niche and use a transparent and authentic approach, mirroring traditional advertisers.
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In the cryptocurrency industry, there is a sector dedicated to promoting these digital assets, crypto marketing agencies.

However, despite operating on the frontier of technology, there are valuable lessons these agencies can learn from traditional advertising.

Standing Out Is Key for Crypto Marketing Agencies

Mariah Haberman, VP and communications director at Barkley, offers advice that resonates across both worlds.

“Make agency marketing an intrinsic part of your team’s routine and your company’s culture. Integrating self-promotion into daily operations and making it a natural part of the team’s responsibilities is the only way marketing your agency gets prioritized.”

For Christian Jaekle, the marketing director at Curiosity, shifting the mindset toward self-promotion as an internal priority has proven effective. Jaekle stated:

“Our philosophy is that when you have smart work and an outstanding culture, not everything has to be so serious. Make things you like, and the right clients, talent and PR opportunities will show up.”

Standing out is paramount in the crowded cryptocurrency market, where new coins and tokens appear almost daily. This is where the wisdom of Dan Eisenberg, chief marketing officer at Blue Chip, becomes particularly poignant. Eisenberg observed:

“We don’t see ourselves the way the industry does, let alone reporters. Engage a professional and let them guide you in what stories you try to tell and who you try to get to tell them. We can’t bet our reputation solely on creative campaigns because we don’t have a newsworthy one every month.”

Building and maintaining relationships is vital in the advertising industry. With its vast and global user base, the cryptocurrency industry requires an even more significant emphasis on networks.

Sam Zises, CEO at [L]earned Media, underlines the importance of staying visible. Zises insists:

“To stay top of mind among clients, prospects, and referral sources, it’s important to leverage both press exposure and content marketing across all of your agency’s owned and earned media channels.”

Moreover, Britt Fero, principal at PB&, emphasizes that forming relationships with journalists is a fundamental step that can pay dividends. Fero advises:

“Build relationships. Get to know journalists who cover the verticals you serve and agencies like yours. Often publications could use the extra help or are thinking about different subjects where you might be able to offer even just a quote.”

Building Public Relationships and Finding a Niche

For crypto marketing agencies operating without PR veterans, seeking professional help can mean distinguishing between a campaign that sinks or soars. Amanda Grover, the public relations coordinator at HireInfluence, said:

“To consistently secure press coverage, agencies should prioritize building relationships with reporters in their industry and stay informed about current trends.”

In 2023, cultivating stable and enduring connections is important amid the bull rallies and downturns of the crypto market. Adrian Owen Jones, chief growth officer at ThreeSixtyEight, brings her perspective from traditional advertising, emphasizing that it is about “making our community stronger and more resilient. This approach doesn’t just win business; it builds lasting relationships and contributes to a legacy of positive change.”

Julia Linehan, the founder and CEO of The Digital Voice, argues for a back-to-basics approach in a complex world:

“Agencies must make it super clear what they do and where they shine. Above all else, be true to you. Less spin, more real.”

Roberto Max Salas, president, and co-founder of Young Hero, which represents an interdisciplinary mix of talent, knows the power of authenticity. Salas said,

“The key has been consistency in our values, having a unique agency model and making sure we work with great brand partners that would want to advocate for our hard work.”

As Erica Coates, president at Mocean, succinctly puts it:

“Meaningful agency marketing provides both clients and the press with the content that inspires, educates, and informs, to keep audiences abreast of the latest trends.”

In essence, the formula for success in crypto marketing is not far removed from traditional advertising. It comes down to diligent self-promotion, effective relationship-building, professional storytelling, and a culture that champions the brand and the team that builds it. Therefore, crypto marketing agencies have much to gain from traditional advertisers’ tried and true wisdom.

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