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Coinbase Taking on 2,000 New Hires, Crypto Careers Continue to Flourish

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In Brief

  • Coinbase announced it was looking to hire 2,000 employees across three departments.
  • The company currently has over 2,700 employees, according to its website.
  • The number of crypto jobs and wages saw an immense rise in 2021.
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Coinbase Chief People Officer (CPO), L.J. Brock, released a blog post stating that the exchange was looking to hire 2,000 new employees. The CPO noted to add these new hires to their Product, Engineering, and Design departments.

Coinbase is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world and aims to build the “next-generation use case of crypto.” According to the blog post, the company is working on a non-fungible token (NFT) platform, improving the Coinbase Wallet, and making crypto accessible to more people.

Who is Coinbase looking for?

The major American crypto exchange does not have any headquarters and calls itself a ‘remote-first company,’ and already has more than 2,700 employees, according to its official website.

Furthermore, Coinbase is looking for quick learners and people who will “thrive” in its culture. The company claims to offer “competitive compensation” and wants people who live and breathe crypto.

“Crypto is at a critical juncture — public adoption is at an all-time high, crypto companies are more visible than ever before, and the explosion of Web3 applications is uncovering new possibilities every day,” said Brock.

Rise in crypto careers

With the crypto boom in 2021, the number of jobs and wages that could be earned in the industry has risen nonetheless. According to a BeInCrypto report, the highest-earning employees in the crypto ecosystem are developers.

Moreover, some crypto firms have been on-boarding high-level executives from top companies. According to a January report from Bloomberg, Tom Horton was announced as the Lead Independent Director at He has a wide range of experience from becoming the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at AT&T to the CEO and Chairman of American Airlines to the Lead Independent Director at the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.

Horton is not the company’s first super-experienced director as Marcie Vu who was the ex-Morgan Stanley Head of Consumer Internet Banking, joined the board of directors earlier last month. 

Some top-notch executives have even resigned their jobs to have more focus on crypto. Last week, two YouTube executives left the platform to pursue positions in Web3 companies while Jack Dorsey left his Twitter CEO post to fully dedicate himself to the Block (formerly Square) digital payments company.

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