The cryptocurrency markets are showing further signs of recovery as the total market cap increased for the second week in a row.

Among the top-10 cryptocurrencies, only Ripple (XRP) stood out as a significant gainer against Bitcoin (BTC). The price of XRP increased by +11.4% to 2,844 satoshis.

After a weak month, Monero (XMR) was able to recuperate some of the losses in the last few weeks. The price of the leading privacy-coin increased by 15.4% to 0.00765 BTC.

As predicted in the last CMC100-Report, STEEM was not able to keep up its price in the wake of the Hive hard fork and dropped 6.9% down to 2,860 satoshis. However, the decentralized social network is still ranked four places higher than two weeks ago, so the drop might not be over yet.

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While the ranking of most major cryptocurrencies was remarkably stable this week, there was some significant movement in the lower half of the top-100 ranking. The biggest gainers this week were Quant (QNT) and Numeraire (NMR), while the biggest losers were KuCoin Shares (KCS) and Swipe (SXP).

In the last week, the total market cap of all listed cryptocurrencies gained +5.2% to $176.8B. The Bitcoin dominance dropped by 0.2 percentage points to 64.9%. In the CMC100-ranking, we have recorded the following major changes:

#1: Bitcoin (Previous Week: 1, Cap: +6.6%)

#2: Ethereum (Previous Week: 2, Cap: +6.0%)

#3: XRP (Previous Week: 3, Cap: +18.6%)

#12: Monero (Previous Week: 17, Cap: +24.6%)

#15: TRON (Previous Week: 16, Cap: +9.5%)

#16: Chainlink (Previous Week: 15, Cap: +6.8%)

#17: Huobi Token (Previous Week: 13, Cap: +2.6%)

#20: Coin (Previous Week: 21, Cap: +19.1%)

#42: Decred (Previous Week: 38, Cap: -3.1%)

#44: Augur (Previous Week: 49, Cap: +27.9%)

#47: Synthetix Network (Previous Week: 51, Cap: +22.5%)

#48: Alogrand (Previous Week: 44, Cap: +0.6%)

#56: KuCoin Shares (Previous Week: 46, Cap: -16.2%)

#60: STEEM (Previous Week: 56, Cap: -3.1%)

#67: DigiByte (Previous Week: 76, Cap: +32.0%)

#70: Siacoin (Previous Week: 64, Cap: -2.6%)

#73: ABBC Coin (Previous Week: 67, Cap: +2.9%)

#76: Energi (Previous Week: 84, Cap: +23.3%)

#78: Quant (Previous Week: >100, Cap: +44.6%)

#82: Numeraire (Previous Week: 98, Cap: +42.9%)

#85: Bytecoin (Previous Week: 78, Cap: -2.3%)

#106: Swipe (Previous Week: 80, Cap: -22.6%)

Data as of 03/28/2020, 20:13 UTC. Source: CoinMarketCap