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Crypto Investor Reveals the Next Big Thing in BRC-20 Tokens

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In Brief

  • BRC-20 tokens are Satoshis inscribed with JSON code, transforming into tokens with unique identity and value.
  • The BRC-20 ecosystem integrates with Bitcoin layer 2 solutions and other chains, offering diverse functionalities.
  • BRC-20 tokens like SAVM, TAP, BeFi, and MUBI are potentially poised to play a pivotal role in the future of crypto.
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Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens have emerged as new frontiers, captivating investors with the promise of substantial returns. 

The intricacies of these digital assets unravel their complexities and spotlight promising BRC-20 tokens that could enjoy exponential growth.

Understanding Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 Tokens

Bitcoin operates on the smallest unit, known as a Satoshi, akin to a cent in a dollar. Ordinals, a novel concept, have revolutionized the Bitcoin ecosystem. Each Satoshi, through Ordinals, is assigned a unique number based on its mining sequence. Consequently, this allows for the inscription of data – be it text, images, or JSON code – onto a Satoshi.

BRC-20 tokens are essentially Satoshis inscribed with JSON code, defining characteristics like name, supply, and transfer rules. As a result, this transformation converts a regular Satoshi into a BRC-20 token with its own identity and value.

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The allure of BRC-20 coins lies in Bitcoin’s robust security, bolstered by its recent mainstream acceptance, including ETF approvals. The BRC-20 ecosystem extends beyond its native tokens, integrating with Bitcoin layer 2 solutions and other chains supporting smart contracts.

Moreover, this multi-layered structure enriches the BRC-20 experience, offering diverse functionalities.

Spotlight on BRC-20 Ecosystem Projects

According to Lady of Crypto, BRC-20 coins, with their unique attributes and expanding ecosystem, are poised to play a pivotal role in the cryptocurrency market’s future. Hence, she shared a list of BRC-20 tokens that are worth watching: 

  • SatoshiVM (SAVM): SAVM, a Bitcoin layer 2 leveraging Zero-Knowledge (ZK) rollups, addresses Bitcoin’s limitation of lacking native smart contract functionality. It enables more intricate decentralized finance (DeFi) applications by enhancing ordinals with additional utility.
  • Tap Protocol (TAP): A part of the existing Trac ecosystem, TAP represents a novel approach to layer 2 solutions. It facilitates advanced financial operations directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, introducing features like token staking and liquidity pools. TAP’s technology, though intricate, marks a significant advancement in blockchain functionality.
  • BeFi Labs (BeFi): Likened to the WOO/GMX of Bitcoin, BeFi has surged in popularity. Its token, BeFi, offers several advantages: revenue sharing, fee-free trading, early access to projects, and eligibility for BRC-20 token airdrops. Hence, BeFi’s comprehensive utility makes it a standout in the DeFi space.
  • Multibit (MUBI): As a liquidity layer, Multibit facilitates the seamless transition of BRC-20 projects to other layer 2 solutions. Though it has already experienced substantial growth, its essential role in infrastructure support makes it a valuable asset in the BRC-20 ecosystem.

According to analysts at Kaiko, trade volumes on BRC-20 tokens have been increasing since November 2023, demonstrating their unique position in the crypto market.

“Trade volume for this type of token has surged tenfold since November, from just $10-15 million to more than $500 million. The increase came after Binance launched spot and perpetual futures trading for ORDI, SATS and RATS,” analysts at Kaiko explained .

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BRC-20 Trade Volume Surges.
BRC-20 Trade Volume Surges. Source: Kaiko

The BRC-20 token ecosystem represents a significant evolution in the cryptocurrency industry, offering investors a unique blend of security, innovation, and potential profitability. 

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