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Hashdex Seeks Bitcoin ETF Amid Market Surge, InQubeta Massive Growth Explained

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Amidst Bitcoin’s climb to over $42,000, Hashdex has resubmitted an application for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), timing it strategically for key decisions.

This move follows the success of Bitcoin ETFs in Brazil, where Hashdex leads with nearly $100 million in assets under management (AUM) for its spot Bitcoin ETF offering. 

Hashdex Pushing for Spot BTC ETF Approval 

Hot on the heels of the Teucrium Trust and Tidal Trust merger in Oct., the revamped BTC ETF application, now under the management of Tidal Financial Group, is making its case for spot Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. amongst countless filings waiting for approval by the dreaded regulator.  

The SEC is on a mission to streamline evaluations, with an imminent spotlight on a potential spot Bitcoin ETF from ARK Invest, slated for submission on Jan.10th, 2024. Engaging in high-stakes discussions, the regulatory juggernaut has talked with BlackRock about its iShares spot Bitcoin ETF proposal.

However, the clock is ticking for Hashdex, with a January 5, 2024, deadline for rebuttal comments and a compelling approval window from Jan. 5-10. 

Meanwhile, expert analysts are donning their hats, predicting a January carnival of approvals as the SEC contemplates greenlighting multiple spot Bitcoin ETF proposals at once, including notable web3 names like Global X, amongst others. 

The surge in the cryptocurrency market has also been reflected in the growth of crypto-based exchange-traded products (ETPs), with the total asset under management (AUM)  hitting $38 billion in October 2023, a 25% increase from the previous month

Notably, the renewed investor confidence in the cryptocurrency market is not only evident in Bitcoin’s rally but also in the skyrocketing number of ETF filings of established financial giants. 

With Bitcoin hitting a 20-month high and surpassing $43,000, the enthusiasm for investment vehicles like ETFs and ETPs is poised to intensify, reflecting the overall bullish sentiment in the ecosystem. 

InQubeta (QUBE) Innovation and More 

InQubeta (QUBE), the fresh-faced Ethereum-based token rapidly gaining traction in the web3 space, InQubeta has a unique mission: fueling the ambitions of AI-powered startups via its revolutionary funding solutions. 

Since the launch of its presale, the InQubeta project has raised $5.3 million, catapulting the AI project into the limelight as one of the standout crypto coins of 2023. 

Importantly, InQubeta is offering members of its ecosystem innovative features like cutting-edge NFTs, crypto-staking solutions, and more. 

The platform makes it possible for anyone to participate in the promising future of artificial intelligence  (AI) via investments in fractional NFTs from up-and-coming companies companies. 

The QUBE token, the primary currency for transactions in the InQubeta ecosystem, has a massive promise of a gradual price ascent.

By staking QUBE tokens on the InQubeta platform, unlock rewards from a dedicated pool powered by a 2% and 5% buy and sell tax. Staking opens the door to the NFT marketplace, where supporting startup projects means reaping the rewards through unique and equity-based NFTs.

InQubeta’s presale is still on. QUBE is currently priced at $0.01925 per token, with over 80% already snapped up. This token presale has raised over $6.3 million so far and counting. 

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