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Apple Vision Pro AR Headset Announcement Ignores Metaverse at WWDC

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In Brief

  • Apple finally revealed its AR headset, called the Vision Pro, at the WWDC conference on June 5.
  • Apple did not mention the term metaverse once in its reveal, disappointing some in the crypto community.
  • The headset costs $3,499 and primarily focuses on productivity and media consumption.
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Apple revealed its AR headset called the Vision Pro at the WWDC conference on June 5. The company did not mention the metaverse at all, deflating some crypto investors’ hopes.

At the WWDC conference on June 5, Apple revealed its much-rumored and highly-anticipated AR headset, which it calls the Vision Pro. However, it put the speculation that it would have some association with the metaverse to bed, as Apple did not even mention the term metaverse.

Apple Makes No Mention of Metaverse

The crypto community will be slightly disappointed, as they were expecting some announcements related to the metaverse. As such, many related tokens were also seeing price bumps, most notably SAND, which went up by over 10%.

However, all is not lost, as Apple revealed several initiatives that help developers build experiences. They can tap into these development kits themselves to flesh out metaverse experiences, as it seems like Apple is not keen on it.

Apple has focused on productivity and entertainment, as opposed to fully immersive VR worlds that some suggested could be the case. Office and personal use cases formed the vast majority of the reveal. The headset itself costs $3,499, which is a hefty price tag.

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Predictably, the crypto community reacted in a humorous manner. Most reacted with memes about how metaverse NFT projects had not seen the spike that they wanted. Others had previously offered unsubstantiated opinions on how the metaverse would take off because of the WWDC reveal.

Price of metaverse tokens remained unaffected even after Apple revealed its AR headset called the Vision Pro at the WWDC conference: CoinGecko
Price of Metaverse Tokens. Source: CoinGecko

Metaverse tokens, like The Sandbox (SAND), Decentraland (MANA), ApeCoin (APE), and Axie Infinity (AXS), have all largely remained the same. They may have to wait a good while longer before the metaverse becomes ubiquitous.

What Is Apple’s Vision Pro Headset?

The Apple Vision Pro is quite a technical achievement when compared to its competitors. The device has two separate chips based on Apple Silicon. The M2 chip drives the main computing power, but an additional R1 chip reduces input lag from the 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones. This will purportedly help reduce nausea often associated with such headsets.

visionOS Demo. Source: Apple

The device will also offer a 4K display for each lens piece, which is significantly higher than the market. While some might be worried about the two-hour life span of the battery pack, it seems like a necessary tradeoff for what is a powerful device.

The AR Headset Takes On Meta and Microsoft Products

Days before the WWDC event, Meta announced the Meta Quest 3, a new VR headset. Apple’s new headset will be taking on such competitors, and it will be interesting to see how the market will be formed. Meta’s device is far cheaper but still hasn’t quite managed to attain critical mass yet.

The HoloLens is something that has been mostly only accessible to those in the industry or military. Also, an expensive piece of tech, it does not seem to have generated quite the same buzz that other products have, and it’s unclear if it will ever make it to the commercial market. Microsoft’s focus seems to be AI instead.


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