Steve Aoki and Tom Bilyeu Releasing NFTs Based on Neon Future Series

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In Brief
  • Aoki and Bilyeu’s series will launch on April 27.

  • Digital artist Maciej Kuciara will design the artwork, while Aoki will compose original music.

  • Aoki has previously worked on the Dream Catcher series, which saw one artwork selling for nearly $900,000.

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Steve Aoki and Tom Bilyeu are releasing a new NFT artwork collection based on the Neon Future series. The collection will be available in two colorways.



Comic creators Steve Aoki and Tom Bilyeu have launched new limited edition NFTs based on their series “Neon Future.” The NFTs will go live on Nifty Gateway on April 27, featuring five original artworks.

The Neon Future collection will be designed with the help of Maciej Kuciara, a digital artist. Aoki, Kuciara, and Bilyeu have all come together to celebrate the Neon Future series. Kuciara will blend 2D and 3D artistry, while Aoki will compose original music for the series.



The five pieces will be available in two different colorways. One will be full resolution color and the other in manga-inspired black and white, paying homage to manga. The press release states that the latter represents the beginning of Aoki and Kuciara’s passion for animation and art.

The first artwork, titled “Morning Routine,” has the tagline “what you create creates you.” They will release more information about the collection, including an auction countdown, as the drop date comes closer.

Aoki has previously released an NFT called the “Dream Catcher” collection, which famously involved a single piece selling for $888,888. This makes it one of the most expensive NFTs ever sold.

Nifty Gateway has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for the famous to release their NFT products. High-profile individuals and entities who have released NFTs on the platform, including Eminem and Playboy.

NFTs continue to dominate public minds

The entry into NFTs by Aoki and Bilyeu is yet more proof that these assets are taking over public consciousness. The Neon Future series, like other NFTs, is associating itself with exclusive items fans can make use of.

NFTs have been around for years, but only recently have obtained a hold in the mind of the mainstream. The NBA Top Shot program, musician The Weeknd’s exclusive music, and Elon Musk have all brought the spotlight onto it.

The appeal of NFTs lies in its simplicity of use and its exclusivity. Cryptocurrencies until now still remain obtuse to the larger public, which Gemini spoke of in a recent report. Many are eager to learn more about cryptocurrencies, but lack direction in their education.

Meanwhile, the NFT market continues to make itself approachable as celebrities and public figures use it to launch exclusive material.


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