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Alex Jones Claims George Soros Offered Him $5 Million to Shill Bitcoin

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Online alt-right radio host Alex Jones appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast recently, where he briefly touched upon his experience with Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in general. In the nearly five-hour-long episode, Jones said that he was contacted by numerous rich personalities to promote or influence Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to his audiences.
Recalling an interaction he had roughly eight years ago, Jones claimed that billionaire investor George Soros was willing to pay him approximately $5 million to shill Bitcoin on his platform and encourage public investment. Furthermore, the payment was not proposed in a fiat currency, but in Bitcoin (BTC) itself. Jones believes that his share could have swelled to well over $38 million during the all-time high. However, Jones told Joe Rogan that he turned down the deal.

Alex Jones Doesn’t Pump and Dump

Apart from that, Jones said that he was also approached by several crypto pump and dump organizers over the years. These organizers would offer him as much as $1 million per month to promote certain cryptocurrencies, which he believed to be outright Ponzi schemes. Given that he knew there would be a certain collapse in a few months when the organizers decided to take their profits, he did not take those deals, either. Nevertheless, Jones has maintained a positive outlook on the future of digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BTC). Roughly a year ago, he invited Bitcoin Cash (BCH) evangelist Roger Ver to speak on InfoWars to debate the cryptocurrency fork’s merits and shortcomings. He believes that the technology has potential and that it will be an influential part of the future economy. alex jones

Questionable Credibility

Outside of his loyal fanbase, Jones has a questionable amount of credibility in the world of media and journalism. Known for being at the center of many controversies, he has also been criticized for pushing anti-vaccination and white nationalist agendas on his online program Infowars. Jones’ actions even led to him being banned from international payment processor PayPal on grounds of hate and intolerance. This was followed by the swift shutdown of multiple bank accounts. While he later launched legal proceedings against PayPal, seeking $75,000 in damages for causing incalculable damage to his income, a company spokesperson said that his claims were without merit. Even outside the financial realm, Jones has gained a reputation for dispensing inflammatory opinions on the internet. As a result, effective 2018, Alex Jones was banned by a host of social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, iOS App Store, Spotify, Twitter, and Vimeo. Do you think Alex Jones will migrate his income source to crypto now that financial institutions and social media platforms have turned their backs on him? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 
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