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6 Best Low Supply Cryptos in 2023

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Updated by Maria Petrova
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Looking for the best low-supply cryptocurrency to invest in 2023? Smart investors often opt for cryptos with a low capped supply. The thinking is simple: the less there is of an asset, the more valuable it is. 

Below we review 6 crypto coins with a low max supply. Many are in their exciting presale phase. This means that investors can swoop in now and buy at bargain prices. 

6 Best Low Supply Cryptos to in 2023

Our low supply cryptocurrency list features coins from key sectors including Move-2-Earn (M2E), Crypto Analytics, Green Cryptocurrency, Metaverse and Crypto Gambling:

  1. Meta Masters Guild: Best Low Supply Cryptocurrency to Buy Now
  2. Fight Out: New Move-to-Earn Cryptocurrency on Presale
  3. C+Charge: Best Low Supply Crypto for Green-Conscious Investors
  4. RobotEra: Top Metaverse Crypto with Low Circulating Supply
  5. Calvaria: P2E/Metaverse Penny Crypto With Low Supply
  6. Lucky Block: Crypto Gaming Token with Limited Supply
  7. Tamadoge: Low Supply P2E Crypto with Staking

A Closer Look at the 6 Best Low Supply Cryptos in 2023

Low supply cryptos may be classified as coins that have a total capped supply of 10 billion or less. 

That may sound like a lot of coins. But, among the 21,000 cryptos out there, this cap rates as low.

For example: at the other end of the spectrum, meme coin Shiba Inu ($SHIB) has no less than 549 trillion coins in circulation (549,063,278,876,302 $SHIB)!

1. Meta Masters Guild: Best Low Supply Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

With a total supply of 1 billion, Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is our top low-supply cryptocurrency, which is available to buy on presale. Meta Masters Guild is the first ever mobile-focused web3 gaming guild. This project’s main aim is to combine blockchain technology with mobile-based gaming. 

Moving away from the traditional play-to-earn sector, Meta Masters Guild positions itself as a Play-and-Earn (P&E) project. This is due to the project’s belief in offering a game that users are interested in playing rather than solely for monetary use. The Meta Masters Guild whitepaper states that the platform will introduce multiple mobile-based games from which players can earn several rewards. 

MEMAG and Gems Tokens

At the centre of the gaming ecosystem is MEMAG – an ERC-20 token and the native cryptocurrency of this web3 gaming platform. While MEMAG is the native token, Meta Masters Guild offers its in-game currency – Gems. This currency can be earned, converted to MEMAG and staked within the ecosystem. 

Alternatively, users can leverage Gems to purchase in-game NFTs from the online store. Players can also buy Premium NFTs – which offer advanced characteristics and can be used to compete in the several games in the Meta Masters Guild universe. 

Web3 Games on Meta Masters Guild

The first game that Meta Masters Guild is working on is Meta Kart Racers – a PvP racing game. The project is being developed in collaboration with Gamearound – the popular Web3 games developer. Within this game, users can earn tokens through resource allocation and challenging others within the Meta Kart Championship. 

Another exciting project in the works is Meta Masters World – which will act as the metaverse platform for all Meta Masters Guild members. Set in a virtual world, Meta Masters World will feature in-game exploration, resource collection and in-game competitions. All the items within this game will be minted as NFTs. The platform plans on creating a marketplace to support the exchange of in-game NFTs. 

MEMAG Presale

With a supply of only 1 billion – 35% of all MEMAG tokens are available for the ongoing presale round. On stage two of a seven-stage round, MEMAG is available to buy for $0.01 USDT per token. The price will jump by 130% to $0.023 by the final round. 

After the presale ends, MEMAG is expected to launch on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Crypto Name:$MEMAG
Crypto Total Supply:1 billion
Current Price:$0.01 USDT
Presale:Currently in stage 3
USDT Raised in Presale So Far:$1.3m
CEX/DEX Listings: $MEMAG will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges after the presale ends

Visit Meta Masters Guild Presale

2. Fight Out: New Move-to-Earn Cryptocurrency on Presale

Investors are firing off 500 tweets an hour over Move-2-Earn pioneer Fight Out. With a hard cap of just 10 billion tokens, the Fight Out crypto $FGHT is in presale right now.

The genius of this app/platform combo is in linking physical training in the real world to rewards in the virtual world. And the good news for investors is that this addictive system revolves around in-house crypto $FGHT.

Fight Out – The Harder You Train, The Better Your Rewards

Users can train their own way or follow workout routines supplied on the Fight Out app. Either way, their progress is tracked by the app. And here’s the clever bit: training progress translates directly to the player’s unique NFT avatar in the Fight Out metaverse. The harder users train, the more buffs their avatar gets.

As the Fight Out metaverse fills out over 2023, players will be able to pit their avatar against those of other users in exciting virtual combat sports.

Addictive Play-2-Earn System with $REPS and $FGHT Crypto

Alongside avatar buffs, users who train hard earn in-house, off-chain crypto $REPs. They can then spend their $REPS on exclusive merchandise and events. 

Users can buy $REPS using $FGHT at a 25% discount. Subscriptions to Fight Out are paid in $FGHT, which means demand for the crypto will rise as the project grows.

The Fight Out Presale – Get up to 50% Bonus Crypto 

Investors swooped in and reserved $1.5 million worth of $FGHT in the first 24hrs of the presale. And the presale is progressing fast. 

Just over $3.5 million of $FGHT has been claimed at the time of writing.

  • Investors can buy $FGHT now at the exclusive presale price of 0.0166 USDT on the Fight Out platform.

Fancy 50% more $FGHT than you pay for? The Fight Out platform is running a generous bonus scheme that rewards investment of $500 and above with extra $FGHT. See the table below for details:

Presale Purchase ($FGHT) Bonus Applicable ($FGHT) 

Even better bonuses are up for grabs for those investors who pledge to ‘vest’ – ie. hold onto their $FGHT – for 24 months. 

Exciting Fight Out Developments in the Pipeline

Q1 2023 will see $FGHT go to market. So investors need to get in now to secure their presale crypto. 

Q1 will also see $FGHT staking come into play, as well as the launch of limited edition fighter NFTs. 

Crypto Name:$FGHT
Crypto Total Supply:10 billion
Crypto Value:$0.016
Presale:Currently in stage 1 
$ Raised in Presale So Far:$3.5 million
CEX/DEX Listings: $FGHT goes to market on April 5th, 2023 – for live listing details, join Fight Out Telegram 

Visit Fight Out Presale

3. C+Charge: Best Low Supply Crypto for Green-Conscious Investors

With a total supply of just 1 billion, the C+Charge token $CCHG offers tremendous potential to buyers wanting to get into green crypto.

The good news is that traders can snap up $CCHG right at the beginning of its journey to market, with stage 1 of a 3-stage presale in progress.

The C+Charge Project – Leveraging Growth in the EV and Carbon Credits Sector

With its $CCHG token, C+Charge aims to give drivers of Electronic Vehicles (EV) a convenient way of paying at EV charging stations globally. Users will be able to connect their crypto wallet and pay using $CCHG – and earn free carbon credits from C+Charge as an incentive.

Using the universal OCPP 2.0 standard, the C+Charge system is designed to be compatible with all EV charging stations. And the platform has already partnered with EV charging specialists Phihong and AmpUp to get the C+Charge rollout going. 

The EV Market Hits Top Gear

  • Approximately 20 million EVs are on the world’s roads in 2022 (according to top data analysts Bloomberg).
  • By 2025, that number is expected to be almost 3 times as large, with the number of EVs projected for 2025 to be 54 million.
  • The number of EV charging stations is set to rise from around 2 million in 2022 to 14 million by 2027.

Buy Now in The $CCHG Presale For an 80% Profit

The $CCHG presale is on now. We are at phase 1 of a 4-phase process before the token lists on major exchanges.

Those who buy now in phase 1 – with $CCHG available for $0.013 – will be sitting on a paper profit of 80% by phase 4, when $CCHG will have progressively risen in value to $0.02350. See table below.

PhasePrice% of TokensAmount of Tokens$ Value
Phase 1$0.0130040%160,000,000$2,080,000
Phase 2$0.0165030%120,000,000$1,980,000
Phase 3$0.0200020%80,000,000$1,600,000
Phase 4$0.0235010%40,000,000$940,000
  • Join 12k followers of the C+Charge Twitter page for updates on offers, listings and other developments.
Crypto Name:$CCHG
Crypto Total Supply:1 billion
Crypto Value:0.013 USDT
Presale:Still on! Stage 1 of 4
$ Raised in Presale So Far:$400k
CEX/DEX Listings: Join C+Charge Telegram for listings news

Visit C+Charge

4. RobotEra: Top Metaverse Crypto with Low Circulating Supply

RobotEra is an exciting new immersive platform with arguably the best low supply cryptocurrency to invest in 2023 among metaverse coins.

The RobotEra presale has just kicked off. And investors have already piled in to commit over half a million dollars. There is just over a million dollars worth of in-house crypto $TARO left in stage 1.

RobotEra – A Sumptuous Sandbox Experience

This project aims to deliver maximum creative freedom to players, who start out as robots on the planet TARO.

The idea of the game is to explore, buy land (using $TARO) and build, create and develop. A particularly fun part of the game is the chance to create your own robot avatar which you can set to work on Planet Taro.

Drawing on the success of vintage metaverse projects Decentraland and Sandbox, there is plenty of scope in RobotEra to do real-world business too. Players can host branded events (like concerts) and invite people from other metaverses.

RobotEra – A P2E Metaverse With Strong Tokenomics

The sandbox world of Taro revolves around in-house crypto $TARO. This is great news for investors who are not interested in playing the game. Plenty of in-game opportunities to earn $TARO – in accordance with the proven P2E model – is good news for the $TARO price in future.

  • Players can earn $TARO by in-game land management, mining, and market wheeling-and-dealing – as well as by staking $TARO and running group events.

Swoop In Now for 60% Profit in the RobotEra Presale

Timing is everything with crypto – even among the very best low supply cryptocurrency for 2023.

Investors can buy $TARO now for just $0.020 in the opening stage of the RobotEra presale. By stage 3, the price will have jumped to $0.032. That represents a 60% rise in the value of holdings of those who got in early at stage 1.

Investors can head to the RobotEra platform and reserve their $TARO using Ethereum ($ETH) or Tether ($USDT) as payment.

RobotEra Presale StagePrice of $TARO

Follow the RobotEra Twitter page for project updates. And, in the meantime, get to grips with the intelligent tokenomics and compelling community feel of this project with the RobotEra whitepaper.

Crypto Name:$TARO
Crypto Total Supply:1.8 billion
Crypto Value:$0.020
Presale:Still on! In stage 1
$ Raised in Presale So Far:$651k
CEX/DEX Listings: Follow RobotEra Twitter for live listings news

Visit RobotEra

5. Calvaria: P2E/Metaverse Penny Crypto With Low Supply

Along with RobotEra, Calvaria is a contender for the title of best low supply cryptocurrency for 2023 in the metaverse/P2E field.

Set in the realms of the dead, this addictive card battler sees players develop decks of cards and compete to earn in-house $RIA. 

This project is characterized by detailed lore, great graphics and compulsive gameplay – as well as a detailed development strategy. Find out more in the Calvaria white paper. Speculators who are impressed can buy $RIA in the Calvaria presale right now.

The Calvaria Presale: Last Chance to Buy! 

Investors can pick up $RIA for $0.0325 at the time of writing in the fifth and final stage of the presale. But do hurry, as less than 15 million coins are left available from a total presale allocation of 150 million and a total capped supply of 1 billion.

So far, investors have reserved 136 million of the 150 million presale allocation. And this final stage is 85% complete – and moving fast.

Head to the Calvaria platform and exchange Ethereum ($ETH) or Tether ($USDT) for $RIA,

Crypto Name:$RIA
Crypto Total Supply:1 billion
Crypto Value:$0.0325
Presale:Still on! In stage 5 of 5
$ Raised in Presale So Far:$2.9 million
CEX/DEX Listings: $RIA to list on KuCoin, and in Q1 2023

Visit Calvaria

6. Tamadoge: Low Supply P2E Crypto with Staking

Tamadoge is a Doge-themed cryptocurrency for play-to-earn gaming, crypto staking, and more. In this game, players can purchase an NFT doge and grow it to adulthood. As it grows, the doge will take on unique characteristics that are influenced by how the player cares for their NFT.

Once a doge is fully grown, players can battle them against other players’ NFTs. Winning players earn $TAMA, the native crypto token of Tamadoge. TAMA tokens can be spent in the game’s marketplace to buy upgrades for their doge or to purchase new NFTs.

To make the player experience even more exciting, Tamadoge is also building its own metaverse called the Tamaverse. The project also plans to release mini-games in addition to the main P2E battle game.

TAMA Supply Diminishing Fast

Tamadoge has capped the maximum supply of TAMA tokens at 2 billion, and they’re selling out fast. More than half of the total supply is already in circulation.

TAMA could see a significant bump in interest when its metaverse is released to all token holders. The project is also releasing new arcade games that enable NFT holders to play with their doges, which could further increase demand for TAMA.

Crypto Name:$TAMA
Crypto Total Supply:2 billion
Crypto Value:$0.014
$ Raised in Presale:$19 million
CEX/DEX Listings: Buy $TAMA on OKX, LBank, and Transak

Visit Tamadoge


Above we have reviewed crypto coins with low max supply and great market potential.

The new Web3 gaming platform – Meta Masters Guild ($MEMAG).

Currently on its second presale round, MEMAG is available to purchase for $0.01 USDT per token. Follow the link below to explore the MEMAG ecosystem today.

Visit Meta Masters Guild Presale

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