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Zilliqa Adds EVM Compatibility for Smoother Tech Experience

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In Brief

  • Zilliqa will offer EVM compatibility from April 25k.
  • The upgrade will allow developers to deploy EVM-language smart contracts using Truffle and Hardhat.
  • The team recently launched a new Gaming Hub Ecosystem on desktop.
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The Zilliqa blockchain has announced it will support Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible dApps from 08:00UTC on Tuesday.

Developers can deploy smart contracts written in Solidity and other EVM languages using the Hardhat and Truffle development environments. Users will be able to transfer ZIL using EVM wallets like MetaMask.

Zilliqa 2.0 Upgrade the Ultimate Goal

The version 9 upgrade will cause the network to stop processing withdrawals and deposits for up to 24 hours. The blockchain will resume transaction processing after a successful rollout. 

The upgrade is part of a broader shift to Zilliqa 2.0, which covers improving cost and efficiency.

Zilliqa is a Layer 1 blockchain that improves transaction throughput by splitting itself into interconnected shards. Each shard has nodes to process transactions and add microblocks. Afterward, Directory Service Nodes combine microblocks which are then added to the main chain.

Sharding involves splitting the network into smaller groups of nodes, or shards, each of which can process transactions in parallel. This allows Zilliqa to process a much larger number of transactions per second than other blockchain networks

Developers first tested EVM compatibility on a Zilliqa testnet. The new mainnet upgrade allows users to transfer ZIL without conversion. Decentralized application developers use ZIL to execute smart contracts, while users pay ZIL to execute transactions.

Team Launches New Gaming Hub

Last year, Zilliqa’s team announced a new Web3 native gaming console to compete with Web2 incumbents PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. The console will allow gamers to earn ZIL by completing in-game quests. It will allow users to mine ZIL to help secure Zilliqa’s blockchain.

Zilliqa has called the new console Lightn1ng. The console will offer a new “Gaming Hub Ecosystem” that is also accessible on desktops.

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