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What is Ethereum Truffle? A Basic Guide

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What is Truffle?

Truffle is a suite of tools that allow developers to create sustainable, professional applications on any blockchain using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (or EVM). The Ethereum Virtual Machine is like the environment that allows for developers to build smart contracts and applications that the Ethereum Blockchain can understand.

Why was Truffle Created?

Truffle was launched in 2015 by Tim Coulter after he spent time working with Ethereum and ConsenSys trying to build blockchain applications. He started developing a few scripts just to make his life easier and help the development process, and that’s what resulted in what we now know as the Truffle Suite. The Truffle framework is a tool for building, testing, deployment and workflow automation for blockchain-based Dapps on Ethereum. The truffle framework consists of three main components: 1.Truffle – Providing a development tool with the ability to test and deploy.
Lifetime downloads of Truffle have reached 2,618,189 at the time of writing. Popularity continues to grow, even in the last three months; downloads have increased by 21%. 2. Ganache– A local blockchain simulator that allows you to replicate blockchain networks or test contracts. 3. Drizzle – Frontend development library that you can connect to the smart contract data. Smart contracts on Ethereum are generally developed using their own Solidity programming language. There tend to be some drawbacks when it comes to testing and deploying on the Ethereum network, especially for larger projects with multiple contracts.

Benefits of Truffle:

  • Provides an environment for application development, integration and production.
  • Provides an automated way to test smart contracts.
  • The development, integration and production environments can be configured so that they can be reused.
  • Allows developers to code in languages they already know how to use.
  • Network management to deploy to both public and private networks.

The Future of Truffle

The Truffle suite helps blockchain developers to manage their entire workflow. With a combined total of more than 3 million downloads and a growing number of dedicated users, Truffle continues to be an essential tool for both new and experienced developers.  


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