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29 November 2022, 10:00 GMT+0000
29 November 2022, 16:01 GMT+0000

VERTU is a company that produced the first web3 phone, and BeInCrypto is happy to have a chance to do a detailed interview with this exciting company. ✍️

After reading it, you will fully understand the company, its vision, and plans for the future. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Tell us more about VERTU? What is the vision behind creating the brand?

In 1998, Nokia had a vision — to create the world’s first ever luxury phone. In 2002, VERTU was officially established in England, as the pearl in Nokia’s crown. The phone expressed three core values — beautiful design, aristocratic elegance, and connecting people through technology.

The brand’s insight: “You don’t settle for ordinary in any other area of your life, so why do it with one of your most personal possessions?”. VERTU was the pioneering luxury phone, yet it was also so much more than that. By giving users access to a unique concierge service at the push of a ruby key button, it opened a portal to an elite way of living too.

VERTU was born out of Nokia and formed by British culture. It embodies the essence of Englishness with all of its unique charm. For instance, British culture has always embraced both the traditional and the cutting-edge. Likewise, the VERTU V goes in two directions — one pointing to the past and the other to the future.

The past is VERTU’s commitment to timeless quality. The future is VERTU’s passion for innovation. Which is why we have stayed loyal to the satisfyingly tactile button style of the Signature series. And it’s also why we have embraced flexible screens and foldable 5G handsets. VERTU is a classic brand, not an old one. After 24 years we are always innovating, yet always pleasingly familiar.

What is METAVERTU? What features make it stand out from others in the market?

Web3 is a concept that is on fire in 2022. From bitcoin, blockchain, mining, DeFi, to BAYC, the BORED APE YACHT CLUB that sells for millions. Web3 is an industry that has been breaking people’s inherent perceptions of the internet, and with millions of dApps comparable to Apple’s ecosystem, it has begun to take shape, which means that Web3 mobiles are ripe with opportunity.

We define METAVERTU as a fundamental constructions for web3, it will empower the portal for crypto world, they have the potential to affect the entire mobile phone ecology — We define METAVERTU as a fundamental construct for web3, empowering users with a portal into the crypto world, it has the potential to affect the entire mobile phone ecology — and even the internet as a whole.

As we all know for the application layer for software, it has a limitation for both security and speed, without enhancing the hardware capability, it won’t have a big improvement on performance. As we all know, the application layer of software has a limitations for both security and speed, and so without enhancing the hardware’s capabilities, we can’t reach a large improvement in performance.

That’s why VERTU created METAVERTU.  We have the rights to choose which chip could be embedded in a phone, and we can adjust and test the hardware to reach maximum efficiency. We think that METAVERTU can be used as smart terminal portal that will open the door to the Web 3.0 world, and that is also the reason why METAVERTU stands out from others in the market.

How does METAVERTU help users become a part of the Web3 ecosystem?

VERTU cares about the people, and we want to start a revolution to break the digital hegemony that has long been monopolized by internet giants.

This leads to our new web3 core value: data governance of the people, by the people and for the people. It is our mission to bring people into the web3 world smoothly, and let them enjoy the security that comes with having their own digital sovereignty.

By using the METAVERTU , each smart device can become a blockchain node, building a Web3-based behavioral value internet and returning user rights to the individual. With this game-changing phone, each user will have a new, unique identity with full anonymity and security. By using technologies such as blockchain, AI ,big data and IoT, all of the user’s data and property will be under their control alone.

We are really focused on simplifying the web3 ecosystem, and we do in three ways.  Firstly, the metaspace in METAVERTU gives you the ability to switch between web2 and web3 with just one click, and this space has been encrypted to secure it against hacking.

Secondly, we have divided the web3 and dapps by layers in metaspace, and employ a clear navigation system so that users can easily find what they are looking for.  Last but not least, we provide our users with a one-to-one consulting service, so if they have any questions, they can contact a member of our strong consulting team directly.

From the looks of it, the Metavertu has been engineered to stand out and be a class of its own. It packs some new exciting features and technologies. There’s stiff competition in the market. You have the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the iPhone 14 Pro, and Google Pixel 7, to name a few, that are also quite loaded with their own tech. In what spectrum do you think you can outmatch these heavyweights, given their influence in the consumer sector?

We know that Samsung and Apple are big, influential companies, and see that while Samsung is always trying new things, Apple is more conservative in looks and features, with each new model having minor changes from the last.

At VERTU, we are insistent on having unique designs and breaking the mold. We believe people are unique, and our models express that. We believe everyone wants something different, and though some may not like our aesthetic, it cannot be ignored, we aren’t here to make everybody love us.

Besides our iconic designs, we also have very competitive hardware features. The bespoke VERTU “CNCOS” operating system is a ‘5-dimensional integrated ecosystem,’ combining chips, smart terminals, blockchain, OS, and services into a single mobile handset. As the transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0 gains momentum, the METAVERTU is designed to facilitate a seamless transition for VERTU customers, partnering with key players such as crypto-pioneer Ethereum.

Besides our unique designs, other features on this flagship 5G launch include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 GEN1 chip, 400-PPI ultra-high image density (on a 6.8” AMOLED Display), a triple camera system allowing detailed imagery from 100 meters, super-fast charging 5000mAh battery and a 9-layer Heat Dissipation System.

What lies ahead on the VERTU roadmap? Are there any partnerships or collaborations we can look forward to in the near future?

We will have next few steps to reinforce the vision: Firstly, we will build NAS which private cloud system building, the IPFS storage server + router + VPN + Ethereum full node. 60% has been completed, which is expected to be completed in January 2023; Second is the VAAS platform building.

In this platform, the developer center is aimed to lower the difficulty and cost. This project has accomplish 30% which is expected to be completed in March 2023; Thirdly is the Staking platform building. By having this platform, phone users will be better participate in the Ethereum2.0 .

We will also pour into $50 million fund in web3 mobile phone ecosystem building, to help more DAO organizations grow. Our next few steps are to reinforce our vision.  Firstly, we will build NAS, our private cloud system, with an IPFS storage server + router + VPN + Ethereum full node.

We are 60% of the way there, and expect to be completed in January 2023.  Secondly we are building our VAAS platform, where the developer center is aimed to lower the difficulty and cost. This project is 30% completed, and is expected to be finished in March 2023.  Thirdly we will build our staking platform.

By having this platform, users will be able to better participate in Ethereum2.0.  We are also going to put $50 million into funding the growth of the web3 mobile phone ecosystem, to help more DAO organizations grow.

Our vision in the future will be: Mobile phones should be the entry terminal of the web3 world, helping to promote the comprehensive replacement of iOS and google play by Blockchain Ecology.

We define us as a portal, a platform, a builder for web3, we also rise funds in our platform called republic of VERTU, we want the whole ecosystem grow. We have talked to some public blockchains and game-fi platforms, they showed lots of the interest in collaborations, so it will have some announcements in the future.

Our vision for the future sees mobile phones being a main entry terminal into the world of web3, helping to promote the comprehensive replacement of iOS and Google Play, by Blockchain Ecology.

We define ourselves as a portal, a platform, and builder of web3, and fund our platform, Republic of VERTU, to help the whole ecosystem grow. We’ve been in talks with public blockchains and game-fi platforms which show interest in collaborations, and we will be making announcements in the near-future.

Your entry-level phone, which comes with a carbon-fiber finish, has a $3,600 price tag. Compared to the iPhone 14 Pro, the Metavertu costs three times as much. Now, your top-of-the-line model, which comes wrapped in “Himalaya Alligator leather,” 18-karat gold, and diamonds, is priced at a mind-boggling $41,000. What are the consumers saying about this phone? “Connecting (Only The Rich) People? No? Any thoughts on that?

While a lot of our customers may be wealthier than most, this isn’t about “Connecting (Only The Rich) People”, and is actually providing a method for users to make money themselves, via a dapp we are launching to do staking through METAVERTU.

We also keep our traditional brand essence, our craftsmanship, our rare materials, our concierge services, and the community we have been building for years.

A Bored Ape’s floor price is around 62 ETH ($76,446) and has 10,000 community members, everyone wants to be part of it, but in VERTU, we have more members in our community, and they are the real whales. So imagine buying a METAVERTU to get the pass card into such a community, and you also get a fantastic mobile phone, I think it’s quite a reasonable price.

Community engagement is an important part of any platform. What steps are you taking to ensure that you keep your user base engaged?

To ensure that VERTUkeepsour user base engaged, especially web3 users for METAVERTU,  we put lots of efforts to make a community with web3 interest. We have created several popular social groups in variety of platforms, such as telegram, twitter and discord, and our own social community tool “VTALK”, by using VTALK, people in our community are free to choose which group they want to get involved.

Since each platform has its own characteristic, we creates different contents and activities in those account such as releasing white list, on-chain data analysis, defi reports, airdrop calendar,etc., which resonate with readers to enhance the engagement between our METAVERTU and users. We also hold the offline event in several cities and places.

To ensure our VERTU user base and web3 users of METAVERTU remain engaged, we are striving to develop a vast and connected web3 community. We have created several popular social groups on a variety of platforms, such as telegram, twitter and discord, and have our own social community tool, VTALK. By using VTALK, people in our community are free to choose with which groups they want to get involved.

Since each platform has its own characteristics, we create different content and activities for them, such as releasing white lists, on-chain data analysis reports, defi reports, airdrop schedules, etc, to resonate with readers and enhance their connection with METAVERTU. We also hold offline events in several cities.

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