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Traders Think These 3 Meme Coins Could Pump Next Week

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While most cryptos are in a short-term downtrend, traders are backing three promising new coins to explode next week. 

Bitcoin has retraced to $26,000 and most of the rest of the market followed its price down, with the overall meme coin market seeing liquidity sucked out and trading volume down by more than 25%.

While the crypto markets move sideways or down, many investors have turned to high-potential presale projects, which have shown to have explosive growth in recent months.

Wall Street Memes Takes Less Than 24 Hours To Reach Six Figures

The coin that analysts predict has the highest upside potential is one of the newest meme coins on the market – Wall Street Memes ($WSM).

Wall Street Memes is in its first presale round, with tokens priced at $0.025. Despite only launching on May 26, the project already raised over $100k in its first 24 hours with the price set to increase in the next round once it raises $500k.

Tere are 30 presale rounds altogether, with the price incrementally increasing in each. This means investors will purchase the coin at different prices, reducing volatility after its initial exchange offering (IEO).

Crypto YouTuber Jacob Bury recently picked up on the coin, stating it could be the “easiest 10-100x of the year”. 

This is because Wall Street Memes is already an established brand with over 400,000 social media followers between Twitter and Instagram. Since the Wall Street Memes token is a meme coin, hype and community will drive much of the price – with this in mind, its massive online following gives it an advantage over most other new cryptos.

The presale has a $30 million hard cap, with 50% of all tokens being sold at the presale. In other words, the token will have a fully diluted market cap of $60 million at the IEO, making it one of the top meme coins from the get-go.

Moreover, with the presale still in its first round, this is the perfect time for traders to buy the coin, considering the vast upside potential. There is also no private sale or team allocation, meaning it is a community-driven project.

The project also has community hype and interest due to its previous Wall St Bulls NFT collection – which sold out in 32 minutes in 2021 – and the upcoming Ordinals collection, which is seeing a fierce battle for whitelist spots with just 420 available to mint.

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AiDoge Races Past $14.5 Million in Four Weeks as Hard Cap Approaches

Another presale crypto that traders have backed is AiDoge. Like Wall Street Memes, AiDoge is a meme coin –  however, it also offers plenty of utility to holders.

AiDoge is a platform that allows users to create memes using generative artificial intelligence with text-based prompts. It works something like ChatGPT, except it returns memes rather than writing.

The project has been touted as the best presale of 2023 by numerous crypto traders. Oscar Ramos recently discussed the project on YouTube, highlighting the massive potential of AiDoge since it combines two trending subjects, AI and meme coins.

Another popular YouTuber, Crypto Gains, recently published a video about AiDoge, claiming it has 100x potential. The analysis highlighted the potential of AiDoge as it enables users to create memes easily and quickly.

With memes playing such a significant role in the crypto community, it is no surprise that traders have been drawn to this coin in recent weeks.

AiDoge is approaching its presale’s end, having just surpassed the $14.5 million total raised mark. This is an impressive feat by the project, considering its presale began just a month ago.

The $AI token presale has a hard cap of $14.9 million. Therefore, there is very limited time for investors to purchase the coin at a fixed price before its IEO.

If it follows the footsteps of the recent presale meme coin Tamadoge, we could see AiDoge explode following its IEO – to put it into perspective, Tamadoge soared over 1,900% following its IEO.

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Sponge Could Explode After Recent Dip in Price

The final coin which could pump is $SPONGE, a meme coin based on the Spongebob SquarePants character.

Following its stealth launch on May 4, the token quickly became one of the fastest-growing cryptos on the market, climbing 900% in 24 hours. However, it has experienced a significant sell-off since then, falling by 87%.

With this in mind, it has huge room for growth to retake its all-time high. Therefore, traders and analysts are eyeing Sponge as one of the most likely candidates to pump next week.

In a recent video, well-known crypto analyst, My Financial Friend, discussed the coin, stating it could explode shortly. The main reason was the huge discount Sponge is currently trading at and the talks of an OKX exchange listing.

One of Jacob Bury’s recent YouTube videos also mentioned the Sponge coin as one of the eight best meme coins to explode.  The video highlighted that Sponge has plenty more room to grow compared to Pepe, so it may provide a better risk-to-reward ratio.

Despite its sell-off, Sponge is still in a strong position, currently 300% higher than its launch price. With interest in $SPONGE brewing recently, the coin undoubtedly has the potential to pump this week.

Sponge is currently in the midst of a token airdrop, rewarding holders for trading and holding $SPONGE. Therefore, the trading volume could begin to pick up for the crypto as people aim to get free $SPONGE.

One of the promising factors about Sponge is that it has established a strong presence across multiple social media channels. With thousands of followers and regular posts on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and more, it is no surprise that traders are bullish on the token’s future.

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