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TikTok Exec Leaves to Launch Blockchain Gaming Startup Meta0

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  • Startup Meta0 will help developers create cross-chain games
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TikTok former exec and gaming head Jason Fung launches his own blockchain video game startup.

Jason Fung, the former head of the gaming division of short video service TikTok, is launching a blockchain-focused gaming startup. This is reported by Reuters with reference to Fung.

According to media reports, Fung left TikTok amid unsuccessful attempts by parent company ByteDance to establish a presence in the global gaming market. Despite his employer’s setbacks, Fung himself believes there is still room for innovation in the market.

“Right now, if you look at any developer when they implement NFT or blockchain into their games, they have to choose one blockchain, be it Polygon, Solana or Binance Smart Chain. But imagine a more compatible option.”

Fung wants to push ahead with creating a blockchain infrastructure company that can connect different metaverses.

TikTok to Meta0

The Meta0 startup team consists of six people and two co-founders. The startup has already closed the first round of funding, but the amount of investments remains unknown. Who exactly is among the developers and co-founders of Meta0 also remains unclear.

However, Fung noted that the startup was looking to raise funds through the issuance of tokens. On the basis of which network the token was issued, Fung did not specify. The startup is currently working on a protocol that will allow developers to “grow their gaming edge across different blockchains and give the user the flexibility to transfer their NFTs between networks.”

Fung’s move comes at a time when there is a lot of uncertainty in the Web3 space. He said, “The recent market downturn creates an opportunity to focus on building. I am a builder and it’s nice not to be distracted by the increased market speculation and volatility.”

Fung didn’t say when Meta0 plans to release the final product.

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