Threats on Ledger Owners Escalate After Another 20,000 Customer’s Data Is Leaked

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In Brief
  • A further 20,000 Ledger customers details have been leaked.

  • The company posted an update but offered no compensation.

  • Ledger wallet buyers continue to receive death threats.

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Ledger wallet owners are getting more threats after the hardware wallet manufacturer revealed that a further 20,000 customer’s personal details were leaked by Shopify.



The backlash against the company is increasing as more and more disgruntled customers take to the internet to vent their angst at Ledger’s negligence.

The company has refused to compensate its customers, even the ones that have had their wallets emptied by SIM swapping or other thefts. All it has done, incredulously, is post an update largely passing the buck while declaring that even more customers have been affected;



“There were approximately 20,000 new customer records including, email, name, postal address, product(s) ordered and phone number included in this breach.”

Ledger Customers Continue Receiving Threats

This is of absolutely no consolation whatsoever to the tens of thousands of Ledger customers that are still getting threatening and abusive emails that contain their physical addresses.

The technical analyst added;

“Nah, under no circumstances will I be sending anything to any of those addresses. But just seeing my home address on there made me so damn angry.”

Concerned customers have also taken to Reddit to vent with one reporting that his father has just received a death threat on his personal email after having purchased a Ledger Nano S a few months ago.

He added that the scammer is going by the name Darrin Burlew and all of his father’s details were included in the email. These include name, address, and phone number – exactly what was stolen in the Ledger database breech.

“Don’t be fooled people, no one will come to your home to kill you but this feeling of insecurity is a scandal and Ledger has to do something about it. Share this to people who also bought a Ledger wallet before they panic.”

Shopify Scandal

The company has remained largely indifferent throughout this imbroglio, putting the blame on scammers and poor internet habits rather than looking in the mirror.

It gets worse.

The report added that in late-December the company received a notification from its e-commerce service provider, Shopify. This was in regards to an incident involving merchant data in which ‘rogue member(s)’ of its support team obtained customer transactional records, including Ledger’s.

This breach involved a further 20,000 customer’s data being leaked which has led to more threatening emails and attempts at robbery.

Ledger claims to be working with authorities and blockchain security firms to chase down the cybercriminals. However, this is of little consolation to the thousands of its customers who are unlikely to get a bean in compensation, and who are still getting terrifying emails sent to them.


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