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How Much Does Pay Differ Between a Job in Web3 and One in AI?

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In Brief

  • AI can boost salaries in both Web3 and traditional jobs provided it does not perform the person's core responsibility, a recent study found.
  • Web3 salaries may dovetail with their Web2 equivalents in most cases, depending on where the job is and the level of experience it requires.
  • India and Portugal are turning into popular places for Web3 workers, which could mean higher salaries before supply and demand become equal.
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A recent study suggested that skills in artificial intelligence (AI) could boost pay in healthcare, education, and financial services. But the answer of how much Web3 companies can pay artisans and tradespeople for traditional jobs does surprise.

According to a study conducted by consulting firm Access Partnership and Amazon Web Services, over 80% of finance, education, and healthcare employees think their AI skills could increase their salaries. Information technology, sales, and marketing roles were expected to see pay bumps of 31%, 37%, and 47%.

AI Could Enhance Web3 Skills

AI is also part and parcel of Web3, the decentralized version of the internet that includes blockchains, data autonomy, and decentralized identities. Like Web2, this decentralized version of the internet needs content writers, designers, social media, and community managers. 

And like Web2, Web3 workers could see a wage bump by increasing their AI skills. A recent study at the Boston Consulting Group found that gig workers whose jobs were most in danger from AI were those requiring a narrow set of responsibilities. On the other hand, those who had multiple skills stood a better chance of finding work.

The study also found that those who use AI to for only selected tasks gained productivity. In roles requiring mostly public domain knowledge, AI outperformed humans.

How Much Does a Web3 Job Pay?

So, for those wondering “How much does a Web3 job pay,” the answer may sometimes be “Not very different from Web2.” It depends on how specialized the role that a candidate is applying for is. 

Developers, who are sorely needed for their ability to build the core infrastructure, may naturally command higher salaries. Experience and job locations may also increase the salary threshold. 

Developer Salaries |
Developer Salaries | Source: HackerNoon

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In India, for example, where around 11% of Web3 companies are based, the talent pool is a tiny fraction of the population at 75,000. Despite this, the workforce is expected to grow by 120% in the next one to two years, making it a good time to get in before the talent pool gets crowded. Indian Web3 startups raised $1.3 billion over the two years that ended in April 2022.

Lisbon is attracting hordes of blockchain workers because of its friendly crypto tax regime and friendly climate, among other things. In a survey by European crypto investment firm Greenfield, the Portuguese capital outranked Singapore, New York, and London as the preferred destination for decentralized finance blockchain developers.

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