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The SEC Is Hiring a ‘Cryptocurrency Specialist’ for Its Trading and Markets Division

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Posted on USAJOBS earlier today, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking for a cryptocurrency specialist to act as a full-time attorney advisor to their Division of Trading and Markets.
Within the past year, the SEC has significantly expanded its oversight of the cryptocurrency space. The regulating body has ramped up taking legal action against unlicensed broker-dealers, exchanges, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in an effort to establish a standard in the blockchain space. However, the SEC has been missing a dedicated expert on the cryptocurrency space—until now. In a job listing posted today, the SEC’s Division of Trading and Markets (TM) is looking for what they refer to as a ‘Cryptocurrency Specialist.’ The position is full-time, and some of the responsibilities include:
  • Establishing a comprehensive plan to address cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
  • Being TM’s main point of contact for regulators, market participants, and the public at large.
  • Conducting periodic meetings.
  • Applying knowledge of federal securities law to the blockchain space.
SEC This just may be the first time the SEC has requested a specialist in the cryptocurrency industry for their staff. The SEC is now actively looking for cryptocurrency experts to inform their regulatory decisions, which should be seen as a major step in the right direction for the industry. With so many questions about the legal ramifications and classification of cryptocurrencies as securities, the new post will soon clarify these concerns. The ultimate goal is to establish a sector within the Trading and Markets division specifically for cryptocurrencies. [bctt tweet=”The SEC is now actively looking for cryptocurrency experts to inform their regulatory decisions which could be seen as a major step in the right direction for the industry. ” username=”beincrypto”] Perhaps, more positions like this could be expected one to pop up in the SEC staff in the near future. All being said, this move bodes well for the future of the blockchain space in being treated legitimately in the eyes of major state powers. Has the onboarding of ‘crypto experts’ been a long time coming? Has the SEC been stifling blockchain innovation due to a lack of expertise on the matter? Let us know your thoughts below. 
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