Metakovan Revealed as $69 Million Beeple NFT Buyer

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He is a well-known NFT investor, though nobody really knows who he is. Now Metakovan has confirmed he is behind the purchase of the $69 million digital artwork from Beeple.



BeInCrypto reported yesterday that Christie’s closed on the Beeple NFT for just under $70 million. Also mentioned in the report, it is the first major auction house that has sold NFT. The buyer is anonymously known as Metakoven, which isn’t the first time he has rattled the digital community.

Metakovan – True Crypto Geek

Though nobody really knows who Metakovan is, we know that a big deal in the NFT universe. Metakovan is co-founder of the NFT (non-fungible token) collection called Metapurse. An NFT is collected and then displayed in virtual museums within the “metaverse.” If you follow his Twitter handle, it’s clear that he is a true crypto fanatic. He oozes pride and excitement in his Metapurse project: 



…Who wants to share the wealth

Some other facts we do know about the elusive gentleman is that he lives in Singapore and he has purchased a virtual sports car. He also happens to own the largest collection of Beeple artwork apart from the NFT. In January, he split up shares in ownership to give anyone a chance at owning a piece of valuable art. The principle behind Metapurse is simple yet powerful:

What we want to do is to decentralize and democratize art – so token holders everywhere can share in a valuable piece of history. And in the process, create wealth for the entire community

source: Twobadour, steward for Metapurse via PRWeb.

DeFi for all and all for one

The demand for NFTs is going to the moon, so it’s no surprise how heavily invested Metakovan is in the market. He is truly passionate about wealth distribution and decentralized finance (DeFi.) It might even be a matter of time before someone figures out who Metakovan is with a close watch. As he is going to make more ripples in the NFT market, considering his keen interest.


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