StarColl Celebrates Star Wars Day With NFT Collection

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In Brief
  • StarColl is a new NFT platform launched by QANPlatform, a quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain.

  • StarColl is releasing 800 Star Wars NFTs as part of The 4th Day celebrations.

  • The NFTs will be digital representations of physically limited edition collectibles from the Star Wars universe.

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StarColl has announced its partnership with the world of Star Wars to release a set of private non-fungible tokens on its digital marketplace. The NFT platform announced it will be releasing a collection of 800 limited edition collectibles as digital mimics. 



StarColl celebrating “Star Wars Day” with 800 collectible NFTs 

NFT marketplace StarColl is helping the 4th be with us all via a new digital collection of Star Wars memorabilia. The memorabilia in the collection is real and resides in one of the largest private collections in the universe. Digital twins of the catalog will be auctioned off as NFTs, according to the announcement on “Star Wars Day.”

The collection will feature over 800 limited edition collectibles from the groundbreaking space opera in the form of non-fungible tokens on the StarColl marketplace. Each of these pieces was created as a digital replica of sorts, molded from a physical collectible item.



Winners will also have the ability to include their names in the NFT metadata which will be displayed in all of StarColl’s exhibitions henceforth. Tickets to these events, for life, are also awarded to the winning bidders. All metadata and ownership information will be on the QAN blockchain.

CTO of QANPlatfor, Johann Polecsak, wants the project to raise awareness about NFT security. A topic he thinks is not being looked into sufficiently. Polecsak said:

“NFT security is a neglected topic today. Nobody speaks about cybersecurity issues and pain points behind the NFT ecosystem. Source files of NFTs sold for thousands of dollars can be easily changed to memes by hackers.”

A collection from a universe far, far away

The pieces to be auctioned include everything a young space warrior would need to complete their quest. Various battle helmets, action figures, life-sized statues, and of course, lightsabers. Each comes from a limited run of physical collectibles and others were actually used on-camera as part of one of the movies. 

One of the biggest items not just in terms of value but also sheer size is a true-to-life-sized Boba Fett Statue.  The website describes the statue as being released by Don Post Studios in 1996 as part of limited production. The statue in question is numbered 017 and was used from original source material from Return of the Jedi.

Another of the announced big-ticket items is a three-piece Darth Vader helmet for those more attuned to the dark side. The helmet was created by Ralph McQuarrie and is one of only 250 to exist in this universe or one that might be far, far away.

Creating NFTs with physical items is a bit tricky due to ownership issues, but StarColl has announced that they are not intending to give ownership rights over them. According to them, owning one of these NFTs grants you a digital copy of the item and your name will appear next to the item in the traveling exhibitions.  


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