Cryptopunks Developer Larva Labs Launches New NFT Project

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Larva Labs, the team behind popular NFT collection Cryptopunks, has launched Meebits, a new set of NFTs based on 3D voxel characters.



Larva Labs, the team behind popular NFTs Cryptopunks, has launched a new project called Meebits, according to an announcement. The new project is Larva Labs’ third NFT effort and is already very popular with the community. A total of 20,000 Meebits will be available.

The new set of NFTs has been sold out, the team said on Twitter, with one even selling for a staggering 200 ETH. That is roughly $671,000 at ether’s current prices.



Larva Labs hopes that the new 3D avatars will be ideal for a virtual world, in the style of Minecraft and Roblox. The team believes that the 8 bit nature of voxel art will have a “timeless” quality that it will impart long-term appeal.

The NFT effort this time is far more robust and complicated than previous releases. The team will soon release an asset pack that allows the avatar to be used in compatible game engines, 3D studio, or virtual world.

The Meebits have various properties that have different levels of rarity. These properties include hairstyle, pants, pants color, and type. The robot type, for example, only makes up 0.36% of all Meebits.

Additionally, the team has launched a community grant for those who have supported Larva Labs’ efforts in the past. Holders of cryptopunks and Autoglyphs will be granted a free Meebit, only having to pay for gas fees. This grant will be open for a week.

Saying that it evokes the “kind of collecting that we did as kids,” Larva Labs hopes that this will find use in gaming and as a fun hobby. Buyers only have to sign a message with the wallet, so the whole process is fairly accessible.

Larva Labs’ third NFT project is indicative of how popular NFTs continue to be. There is a definite craving for this type of asset, which has resulted in Reebok launching NFTs for sneakers. Generally speaking, large brands have begun to see the value in launching NFTs related to their products or business.

The latest entrant into the space is the alcohol industry, with winemakers, breweries, and distilleries embracing the technology. In the sports industry, where it is also extremely popular, the Golden State Warriors became the first U.S. team to release its own NFT.

One of the reasons this popularity has arisen is because NFTs are quite accessible, in comparison to trends like DeFi. While there is some work to be done in the handling of wallets, it is much simpler than the daily efforts of yield farming and liquidity provision. Some lucky NFT holders have seen tremendous profits because they got in on the game early.


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