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Star Trek Icon William Shatner Calls Out Self-Professed ‘Bitcoin Creator’

2 mins
11 February 2020, 10:20 GMT+0000
Updated by Kyle Baird
13 February 2020, 09:39 GMT+0000
William Shatner has officially weighed in on the Craig Wright controversy. According to the Star Trek legend, Wright is definitely not Satoshi Nakamoto.
In case you needed yet another sane voice telling you that Craig Wright is not the creator of Bitcoin, William Shatner just came out and said it. The Star Trek star, beloved for his role as Captain Kirk, has also been outspoken in his views on cryptocurrencies.

Shatner Faces the Wrath of Bitcoin SV Fans on Twitter

A long-time fan of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Shatner didn’t take too kindly to Craig Wright’s claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. The controversy started with a reply to Shatner’s tweet about the Satoshi Roundtable event. “Hopefully the fake Satoshi wasn’t there,” he said — which spiraled into a feud between Shatner and BSV fans. Shatner decided to clap back by questioning why Wright cannot prove his clear connection to Satoshi. Even Wright’s partner-in-crime, Calvin Ayre, weighed in saying that “he can prove everything…” However, the argument only continued to get more heated from there. Shatner then tweeted that, if Wright claims to have the keys, he should just sign a message with it. Instead, Wright decided to issue explainer videos and convoluted answers which only obscures things. “To ask a judge is just wasting the court’s time and leaves the ruling open to scrutiny as to what was presented versus what wasn’t,” Shatner writes. It’s at this moment that the Bitcoin SV army began to barrage Shatner with replies. Some told Shatner to “read,” that he was being “childish,” and that he “knows nothing.” Shatner took it all in stride, though. “Then shut and stop whining about it…” he writes on Twitter.

The Bottom Line

By the end of the conversation, Shatner had made his opinion on the controversy clear: Craig Wright is definitely not Satoshi. What started off as a basic tweet about the Satoshi Roundtable event spiraled into a full-blown controversy over the creator of Bitcoin (BTC). Every time ‘Satoshi’ is mentioned, the Bitcoin SV fanbase manages to force the conversation into talking about Craig Wright’s dubious claims. Wright even claimed that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash owe him $100B+ for ‘breaking their contract. craig wright Although likely annoyed by the exchange, Shatner will undoubtedly stay close to the cryptocurrency industry. As BeInCrypto reported last June, Shatner sees Ethereum as a chance to “make science fiction.”


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